Which Nail Polish Matches This Shoe?

If you thought figuring out whether "The Dress" was blue or gold was a breaking-the-Internet worthy debate, just wait until you see this. TotallyMendes posted a photo to Twitter Thursday asking for advice over which nail polish matches the shoe at hand. The shoe is clearly fuchsia (am I right?) and now the world wide Web has made it their mission to decide just which polish — purple or pink — matches best.

We're basically experiencing major deja vu here. It's clearly a case of "The Dress" debacle all over again. I see more of a pinky tone, but do my eyes deceive me? According to an on-going poll hosted by BuzzFeed, 65 percent of voters are on board with the polish to the right, while still an impressive 35 percent would like to argue that in fact the polish on the left would do the shoe justice.

Needless to say, be prepared for arguments to ensue over TotallyMendes' cry for help. Is this another example of the science of human vision? Personally, on one hand I'm thinking either one of the polishes would match, and on the other hand I'm wondering why in the world I'm putting so much thought into this. Cest la vie.