13 Food Memoirs That'll Take You Around The World And Make You Want To Book Plane Tickets Right This Second

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Traveling the world is a great way to learn about different cultures, meet interesting people, learn new languages, and best of all, sample new and delicious food. Driving Hungry , which comes out this month, is a glorious adventure through the tasty meals you can try from South America to Europe, and it’s got me feeling really jealous (and hungry). There are plenty of amazing food festivals in the States so you can check out the awesome food that Americans can be proud of, but it’s just not quite the same as exploring the world from restaurant to restaurant. (Seriously, even our beloved fast food chains are more exciting in other countries).

But don’t worry — even if you haven’t got tickets booked to far-off lands this summer, you can still travel vicariously around the world through these 13 food memoirs.

Image: Harvey Enrile/Unsplash

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