These 'RHOA' Moments Are Too Insane For Words

Anyone who has faithfully kept track of all the outlandish behavior that’s taken place during the past seven seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta already knows the word insane is pretty much synonymous with the show. Therefore, the task of choosing the craziest moments in Real Housewives Of Atlanta to occur since its premiere on Bravo in 2008 has me feeling more indecisive than a housewife trying to choose a wig to compliment her dinner outfit. Between all of the cast members — past and present — there’s a ton of material to work with, and I honestly don’t know where to begin.

Several of the show’s most dramatic moments are forever embedded into my memory, from Shereè Whiftield having a fashion show with no clothes (RIP She by Shereè) to Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes fighting on a tour bus to Mama Joyce throwing her shoe at Kandi Burruss' friend/assistant Carmon. Even all those instances are way too much drama for my brain to handle at the moment, so I can’t even imagine what’s in store when Season 8 of RHOA premieres.

Taking this mental stroll down RHOA memory lane might make you want to curl up with a glass of wine and marathon the series from start to finish, and that's perfectly OK. But, for now, settle for revisiting the show through 11 of RHOA’s most insane moments:

When Kim Revealed Her Singing Voice

She got off to a rocky start, but the insane part of this situation is the song actually turned into a hit.

When Sheree Pulled Kim's Wig

Who knows why Shereè felt the need to "tug on" Kim's wig, but it's a classic RHOA showdown I won't soon forget.

Phaedra and Apollo's Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Most awkward photo shoot EVER.

When Shereè Coined Her Infamous Catchphrase

The best thing to come out of Shereè's intense encounter with the world's angriest party planner was the five-word phrase, "Who gon' check me, boo?"

This Exchange Between Shereè And Marlo Hampton

This ridiculous Sheree and Marlo fight looked more like a really bad Broadway audition.

The Hotel Brawl During NeNe's "Pillow Talk" Gathering

You know the situation's crazy when Kandi loses her temper. This RHOA hotel room brawl was easily one of the most out-of-control moments in the history of the entire franchise.

When Kenya Introduced the World to Twirling

And she hasn't stopped twirling since.

When Kenya Mocked Phaedra Parks

Clearly, Kenya's attempt at calling out Phaedra's hypocrisy totally backfired.

Kandi's Bachelorette Party

Everybody knows Phaedra hires exotic dancers with, ahem... interesting specialties (who can forget Redickulous from Kandi's birthday?), but she completely outdid herself with the strippers she hired for Kandi's bachelorette party.

When Phaedra Parks Almost Lost it on Kenya Moore

Phaedra nearly threw her purse at Kenya's head, along with the rulebook on proper behavior.

When Porsha Williams Attacked Kenya

When Porsha completely lost it on Kenya during the Season 6 reunion episode, it was clear that the craziness on RHOA had reached a fever pitch.

Who else is up for a rewatch right about now?

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