Hillary Clinton Has An Opinion On 1D

The day that Hillary Clinton walked into an Iowa Chipotle and ordered a burrito bowl, I knew that she was one of us. Never was that more clear than on Thursday, when Clinton tweeted about One Direction, proving that she's as susceptible to the power of fluffy-haired young 'uns as anyone else. "The boys are right," she Tweeted. About what, you ask? About the now-foursome being better off without that pesky Zayn Malik? About "Steal My Girl" being a serious contender for the national anthem, in spite of their British roots? (OK, they never said that. I said that.)

Alas, no — Clinton didn't weigh in on the boys' documentary, their upcoming album, or why on earth Zayn would walk out of the powerhouse band. Instead, she chimed in on their push for climate change to be adequately addressed, along with other prevailing issues like income inequality and poverty. Basically, using the hashtag #action1D, One Direction has implored its fans to let them know what change they wish to see in the world. OK, I just compared 1D to Gandhi, but their intention is good; they want to use their influence to bring awareness to such causes. Because as we all know, all it takes is the demand of a popular British boy band for world leaders to take action on climate change.

Seriously, though. Raising awareness about the fact that our planet is warming up to unreasonable, soon-to-be-unlivable levels is never a bad thing. One Direction has a tremendous influence on the youngest generation, and since that generation will hopefully be the one to turn things around — after all, they don't have a Ted Cruz, a Donald Trump, or a Rand Paul among them — it's a fantastic cause for the band to champion.

Now that Clinton and co have teamed up with One Direction (I refuse to believe that this is a one-off), I'm expecting big things. Between Clinton's feminist base and One Direction's millennial fans, it's mind-boggling to think about the influence the five have between them. And, I hear you ask, what if Clinton were to temporarily replace Zayn in 1D on the campaign trail? There's a tour I'd gladly follow around the country.

If that doesn't happen, here's what I'd happily accept instead:

  • One Direction adapting "Story of My Life" to reflect Clinton's life and accomplishments.
  • Clinton speaking exclusively to CNN about what she believes is behind Zayn's decision to leave the band.
  • Clinton posting a somber Instagram to the sound of "Night Changes."
  • Clinton posting a Snapchat of herself snuggling with Harry, captioned "bae."
  • "Live While We're Young" playing to crowds of millennials at a Clinton campaign event.
  • Bill Clinton and Louis Tomlinson doing a spirited karaoke rendition of "Gangnam Style."
  • Clinton joining the boys on stage in a pantsuit that perfectly matches Niall's relaxed, laid-back look.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're a little cynical about the whole thing, remember that the One Direction boys can't vote for Clinton or anyone else, and therefore the partnership must be a pure meeting of minds. Or something.

Images: Getty Images