What If Hillary Clinton Replaced Zayn Malik In One Direction? Only Good Could Come From This, People!

Amy Schumer hosted the 2015 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday and she did more than give us laughs. She also gave us the most epic boy band moment since *NSYNC reunited when she made us consider what the future would be like if Hillary Clinton replaced Zayn Malik in One Direction. Schumer provided us with this beautiful nugget of an idea when she combined the two most important news stories of 2015 thus far — Clinton's official announcement that she will be running for president and Zayn Malik going all Justin Timberlake on 1D — to give us the most glorious thing to daydream about.

Schumer's full joke went a little something like this:

And, of course, I have to mention the big news today. After months of speculation, Hillary Clinton finally announced she’s taking Zayn’s spot in One Direction. The first woman in One Direction. I never thought I’d see the day!

The crowd was delighted with this joke and I'm sure I am not the only one who has been fantasizing about this ever since. Like me, I'm sure many others caught themselves staring out the window and imagining Hillary Clinton in a One Direction music video, skipping around and harmonizing while wearing a collared shirt that is buttoned up to the very top button (anyone else? no? just me?).

Hillary Clinton in One Direction is the only thing that could top my former most exciting moment of 2015 so far: when chicken fries returned to the BK Lounge. I obviously couldn't resist partaking in some journalistic speculation and I encourage you to join me in imaging a world where One Direction and Hillary Clinton teamed up and melded our two favorite things: British boy bands and politics. Here are five things that would happen if Hillary replaced Zayn in 1D.

*cue daydream music*

Hillary Would Re-Appropriate 1D Lyrics For Her Presidential Slogan

Clinton is a brilliant politician and businesswoman and she would undoubtedly understand the necessity of cross-promoting her politics and her music. She would infuse her songs with 1D with her political musings and would likewise incorporate 1D material into her presidential campaign. #ShesGotThatOneThing #Hillary2016

Hillary Would Win The Presidential Election Because Of 1D Fans

One Direction is notorious for their fanatical fan base. I mean, these are people who issue death threats via Twitter to anyone who talk smack about their favorite boy band members. Just imagine what 1D fans could accomplish if they were whipped up into a political frenzy backing One Direction's newest member and potential future president.

We Might Get A Musical Guest Appearance From The Future First Husband

I can imagine it now. One Direction featuring Billary Clinton. A punchy 1D chorus complemented perfectly by a rap verse by Bill himself.

There Would Be Epic Saturday Night Live Skits About It

Just think about how awesome this would be. SNL host Hillary Clinton with musical guest One Direction featuring Hillary Clinton. Amy Poehler would bring back her Clinton character just for the occasion and fake Hillary and real Hillary would perform alongside a fake SNL One Direction and real One Direction. In fact, even if Clinton doesn't join One Direction, this should happen anyways.

Hillary Would Break the Political And Musical Glass Ceiling

Just imagine all the firsts. First female president, first married couple to both be president, first president to have a #1 song on both iTunes and the Billboard 200, first female One Direction member, first One Direction fan over the age of 25. She is the female role model we all need.

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