Lupita's Beauty Hack Is Kind Of Dangerous

We've all had that moment where we leave our flat iron at home, or we suddenly realize that we misplaced our detangler. Well, it looks as if Lupita Nyong'o understands what happens when you forget your beauty essentials on a trip. Lupita Nyong'o used a clothing iron to steam her hair, and it seems to have worked well. Just don't try it at home. The stunning Oscars winning actress recently visited her native country of Kenya on a self-proclaimed "glamping" trip, and well, when there's not a beauty store nearby, you've got to do what you've got to do.

Nyong'o has been in Kenya lately doing her usual, fabulous Lupita Nyong'o thing. The actress has been in the country not just on a very stylish, glamorous camping trip but in connection with WildAid. The organization helps to support animal conservation all over the world and has several celebrity ambassadors who work with the group to prevent and discourage the buying of items such as elephant's ivory, shark fins, and rhino horns. That's not the only thing the star's been doing either. While there she's been supporting arts initiatives and education for women in her home country. So all beauty talks aside, the actress is in Kenya for much more important reasons than beauty hacks.

Though she was there doing advocacy work, it didn't mean that the ridiculously stylish star didn't take time to look gorgeous! Though it seems to appear that she forgot an essential: her spray bottle. Without it, the actress was able to steam her hair, a process that can add moisture to textured hair. But the star and her hairstylist had a solution and broke out the clothing iron.

While this is obviously a genius beauty hack, it's definitely terrifying. Having a hot iron that close to your face has got to be terrifying. One sneeze, and poor Lupita. Thankfully, however, the process seemed to work out just fine as Lupita was looking stunning for the rest of her Kenyan adventure.

Images: Lupita Nyong'o/Instagram (3)