'Dawson's Creek' x 'The Walking Dead' Is Gold

Good news for whoever watched Sunday night's insane episode of The Walking Dead , "Dead Weight," and thought that The Governor's current living situation was totally a throwback to Dawson's Creek: You weren't the only one! Some other wonderful, creative person on the Internet apparently thought so as well, and decided that what the world needed now was a mash-up of The Governor (David Morrissey) and the opening credits of Dawson's Creek . Apparently, when you mix shots of The Governor, stock clips from Dawson's Creek, and "I Don't Want to Wait" by Paula Cole, what you get is a formula for success and Internet MAGIC.

Unfortunately, Dawson, Joey, and the gang don't make an appearance — this is now Governor's Creek, after all, sorry, Dawson — but there's enough pensive staring and angsty feelings in the clip to make up for it. Who else is waiting for The Governor's big spinoff on The CW now? Someone could finally punch Dawson for looking really, really ridiculous when he cries, because even with his newfound empathy, you know The Governor would not stand for that.

Unless it would be The Governor crying like Dawson in this spinoff. Now that's a dark thought.

Check out the clip below.