This New Photo From 'Ghostbusters' Is Perfect

This is already an excellent day, given that it starts with an "F" and ends with a "-riday", but things are about to get even better for us: we just got ahold of the first photo of the new all-lady Ghostbusters 3 cast in uniform, as they continue filming in Boston. Squeeeeee! Obviously, it is bringing up some serious FOMO, given that (I'm assuming, unless you're Chris Hemsworth or newly-cast villain Neil Casey) none of us are currently chilling with the dream team made up of Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, and Kristen Wiig in Bean Town, but even if we can't be there, it's at least nice to see they look like they're having fun. Can you tell that I'm rippling with jealousy right now?

Director Paul Feig has been posting updates all week, giving us sneak peeks of the Ecto-1, the car the ladies are going to drive, the new costumes, and even previewing a bucket of slime, but it still didn't prepare me to see it all come together in one photo. This is really happening, you guys. It's all happening! In the series of pictures from the set, the four ghost-busting women stand around, apparently having a confrontation with some police officers, by the looks of it, and all looking so fly that I JUST ABOUT CAN'T STAND IT. Take a look at this gloriousness:

Amazing, right? I can't tell whether it makes me want to buy a ticket to Boston right this minute to see these Earth angels in action, or put myself into some kind of cryo-sleep until the movie's premiere on Jul. 22, 2016. Either way, all I know is that I can. not. wait. GAH.

Image: Columbia Pictures