Here's How To Stream The Women's World Cup Parade Online, Because You'll Want To Watch A Part Of History

It's a historic Friday in America. First, the Confederate flag was permanently removed from the South Carolina statehouse, and hundreds of miles north in New York City, the second ever parade for a women's sports team is underway in lower Manhattan. Celebrating the Women's National Soccer team's World Cup championship, the parade started at 11 a.m. ET and is filled with floats, music, confetti, and loud cheers. If you're not able to attend the parade (what, like it's hard?) there are plenty of ways to watch the women's World Cup parade online. In fact, there are multiple ways to stream. It's 2015, after all, and even though the pay gap is really real, we can still celebrate women in sports and get in on the victory dance.

All you need to steam the parade is a good Internet connection, some ticker-tape in your hair (tear up some of that paper on your desk and throw it up, OK?), and possibly a button with a Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote on it, or a t-shirt with that iconic image of Abby Wambach kissing her wife after the U.S. beat Japan on Sunday, July 5. If you don't have anything other than a computer and a Web connection, that's fine. We'll let it slide.

Here's how to stream!

MLS Soccer

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images News/Getty Images is streaming the parade, so check it out!

NBC has you covered, too.



PIX11 is also streaming. What are you guys waiting for? USA USA USA.