Does The Caveman Minion Toy Curse?

Minions are currently all the rage, with some people going as far as wanting to learn how to speak Minion aka Minionese (yes, people, this is a real thing). But there's one phrase you want not want to translate – and that's "Minion Laughter." There have been reports that a certain caveman Minion, that comes with a side of super tiny french fries and your choice of yogurt or apple slices, has one heck of a potty mouth. Parents are currently freaking out that talking minions are cursing at their children. In fact, they are claiming that the toys actually say "What the f**ck." Judging by the guilty smirk on the Minions' faces, these things don't stand a chance. So do the caveman minions curse? I had to order myself a happy meal for the first time in close to a decade to find out...

...And yeah, they kinda do. But it's also sort of cute. Let me explain.

Every time you tap your toy minion on the table, it spits out a different phrase. There are three in total. The directions claim that the Minion says "para la bukay", "Minion Laughter", and "eh eh." Since I can clearly make out the other two phrases (translating Minionese is apparently a gift I possess), it appears that "Minion Laughter" is the foul-mouthed culprit. Listen below for the hotly-contested blurb of Minionese.

Dang, they sure are devious little buggers – amirite? The weird thing about the cursing Minion is that I'm not even mad. It somehow makes them even cuter. If you weren't already a fan, this is sure to turn the tables. Then again, if you're not already a huge fan of Twinkie-shaped scientists that try to take over the world / save little girls, then this might not help either.

Since we can't ~actually~ confirm what the Minion toy says, I'm willing to offer up a few alternatives. Parents, I hope these help you sleep easier. We all know you need it.

1. "bock bock bock"

2. "wash the truck"

3. "wanna duck"

4. "buck buck"

5. Inexplicable "cracker munching sounds"

6. "HA-HA-HA"

7. "pluck a duck"

8. Random sounds you also hear on Ghost Hunters

I encourage you all to get your minds out of the gutter and try to translate the Minionese yourself. Besides, it's pretty fun as a grown-ass adult to ask another grown-ass adult to find you a caveman minion. Alternatively, "the one in the orange lion-cloth looking thing" might also work to ensure you get the right Minion. It did for me.

Images: Rosanne Salvatore/Bustle