Catapult Ride Seriously Malfunctions Just Before Takeoff, And The Two Passengers On It Lived Your Worst Nightmare — VIDEO

Theme parks — especially in the summer — seem like pretty nightmarish places. However, the companies have taken note and are working to make them less upsetting...kinda. At least Disney outlawed selfie sticks. Yet, scary stuff keeps happening: Wednesday a Midwest woman and teen survived a slingshot ride malfunction in which the bungee cord snapped right before takeoff.

It SNAPPED. Yes, the part that would swing them safely in the air while remaining grounded to a structure. To make things more sadistic, the video footage of Carrie Sueker and Trevor Larson boarding the ride also caught audio of someone off camera joking, "We'll pray for you!" Well, guess who's a liar. That guy, the one yelling that lie.

Sueker and Larson were visiting Mt. Olympus Theme Park and Resort as a recreational pit stop before hitting up a basketball tournament in Eau Claire, Wisc. Once strapped and ready to go, The Catapult (yes, the ride's real name) prepared its thing of throwing the two airborne via a bungee cord system. But like I said: it SNAPPED — thankfully before the ride actually started. The cord fell with such force it actually left a dent in the asphalt right next to them. "I knew something went wrong, but I didn't realize the magnitude, I think, of what did go wrong," Sueker said. NO KIDDING.

Imagine being all, "ALRIGHT! Life! Adventure! Wisconsin! Let's do this!!!!" But then...


"...anyone hungry? Let's, um, get some corndogs. Far, far away from here."

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Apparently Mt. Olympus reimbursed the families for their night's stay and money spent on Catapult Ride. To sweeten the deal, they offered Sueker and Larson another go on CR — for free! They shockingly declined.

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