Who Are Drake's Enemies In The "Energy" Video?

Sneaking in a last little musical nugget right before the weekend, Drake dropped the video for his song "Energy" on Apple Music on Friday. It's from his album If You're Reading This It's Too Late, and, speaking of things that are too late, if you're one of Drake's enemies right now, you have officially missed the window to patch things up with him in time to avoid appearing with his face superimposed on top of yours in the video. Because that's what he up and did in his song, to a whole slew of celebrities. In Drake's own words, he's got enemies, gotta lotta enemies, gotta lotta people trying to drain him of this energy, and they all seem to be famous people who look a whole lot better when they aren't sharing faces with Drake.

You can take a look at the video yourself, by going to Drake's page on iTunes and scrolling down to the bottom under "Connect," or, if you can't find it there and you're lazy like me, you can scroll through these screenshots I've humbly collected for you of each of the A-List faces he took as his own for the video. Unless you're one of the people below, in which case you should probably sleep with one eye open.

1. Oprah

No offense to the Big O, but facial hair is really not a good look for her.

2. Benjamin Franklin

One step closer to getting a woman or a person of color on American currency.

3. Floyd Mayweather

This one makes me anxious.

4. Katie Holmes

Call me crazy, but that's Drake's face on one half of TomKat, right?

5. Justin Bieber

No no no, that mustache is way too impressive to be convincing as Bieber.

6. Miley Cyrus

Drake + Miley is somehow not quite as jarring as I would've expected.

7. Dan Bilzerian

Bilzerian is a professional poker player who is also apparently running for President in 2016, so everybody buckle up.

8. Rob Ford

The former mayor of Toronto, best known for wylin' the eff out.

9. Kanye West

Drake's spoken often about Kanye being some of his closest competition, so it's no shock to see him show up in the video.

10. Ken

What did Barbie and her pals ever do to you???

11. Barack Obama

Apparently, this is also our current President's fault. I'm losing the connection between these figures a little bit.

12. O.J. Simpson

Hoo boy. White Ford Bronco, and flashing police car lights, and all.

13. LeBron James

Let's go Cavs!

You weren't lying, Drake! You do gotta lotta enemies. I just can't quite figure out what most of them have ever done to you.

Images: Apple Connect (13)