Did A 'BB17' Houseguest Do The Unthinkable?

Let's get one thing straight: while I am all for… ahem… satisfying yourself... when it comes to masturbation, there is a line that you never, ever, EVER cross. And that line should be drawn at masturbating on your friend. Seriously, for the love of everything decent in this world, PLEASE DON'T DO THAT. So, you can imagine my shock/disgust/outrage when live feeds caught Big Brother 17 contestant Jeff allegedly masturbating while lying in bed next to Julia... and then allegedly WIPING HIS HAND ON HER SHOULDER AFTERWARDS.

I cannot believe I just typed that sentence. Everything is terrible.

Now, granted, the video is pretty grainy (see below), but it definitely shows Jeff with his hands under the covers beside Julia as they are trying to fall asleep. They are talking about Audrey’s eye color, of all things, and the only sign of life besides their conversation is the very grainy, almost invisible motion happening under the covers right around Jeff’s groin area. It’s so hard to see, I actually watched it and wondered, “Is that just a glitch in the camera recording?” But people were so (understandably) horrified by what they saw that a new campaign has even been started calling for Jeff to be kicked out of the house.

But, since none of this is confirmed and everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt (even Jeff), I have to wonder: did Jeff really masturbate on Julia? Was there a stain on Julia's shirt already, or did he put it there? And, if he didn’t, why were fans so quick to assume that he did?

Let’s break this down. First of all, a different camera angle was released from the live feeds which shows that Julia already had a stain on her shoulder, so that's one gross rumor solved in Jeff's favor. This new camera definitely makes it look less likely that Jeff wiped anything on her. You also can’t see the movement under the covers from the new camera footage, which could be in Jeff's favor as well — but it could also be because the camera is too far away.

And the fact that people are outraged? Maybe it’s because Jeff has now been seen canoodling with a number of the female housemates. I’ve been watching the live feeds and wondering myself if that’s the only reason why he went on the show to begin with. Like, remember when Da’Vonne revealed to him that there was a twin twist and his first response was figuring out which twin to try to hook up with? A warning: Easy there, Jeff — get your head in the game before the houseguests start catching on and kick you out for your creeper ways. The hosts of Bustle's Big Brother podcast were also disgusted by Jeff's behavior, and you can hear their thoughts in the episode below.

It seems clear that Jeff wouldn’t be unhappy if he got some serious action while in the house, but whether or not that’s why he’s there has yet to be determined.

One thing I do know, though: It's very likely that he didn’t masturbate on Julia, even if it looks like he did. Mystery solved, and thankfully, at that.

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