Liz & Julia Are Busted On 'Big Brother 17'

Well, it was fun while it lasted. The Big Brother 17 Twin Twist is officially public knowledge to some of the houseguests. It's a real bummer, because I was rooting for Liz and Julia to pull of the Twin Twist this season. And now I've been played the fool. Some of the houseguests learning that Liz and Julia are twins — while it's not actually confirmed to them — means a lot for the game. But which houseguests know about the twins at this point? Will all of the others learn about them, or will those in the know keep the secret?

It was a gradual process for the houseguests to figure out that Liz has a twin. Da'Vonne first mentioned to Jason that Liz's face changed each day. These two definitely instigated the house chatter, since both of them — like me — love to talk. News spread like wildfire after Day and Jason started making the rounds telling other houseguests of their suspicions. But who actually knows about the twins, and who is still in the dark? Here is your cheat sheet:

Da'Vonne & Jason

Meet the instigators, Jason and Day. Da'Vonne is on the hunt to catch Liz and Julia in the lie.

But she's not the only one staring...


Study away, my dear.

Shelli, James, Jackie, Jeff, Steve, And Meg

Word really traveled fast. But that still leaves at least five houseguests ignorant of the twist (excluding the twins themselves). I'm actually really surprised that some of them — ahem, AUSTIN — haven't figured it out, since Julia has basically said multiple times that she's not Liz.

Julia, YOU HAD ONE JOB. One job. And as much as I want to say that Austin's reaction screams that he knows about the secret twist, I can't tell whether he's actually put two and two together or if he's just confused as to why "Liz" would consistently refer to herself in the third person. Something tells me that if Julia went up to Austin and said, "I'm Julia, Liz's twin," Austin would just be like:

Images: CBS; JizNolans/Tumblr