Have You Had Sex With Too Many People? — A Quiz

There's a lot of talk amongst the sex-having public, single and coupled alike, about what constitutes an appropriate number of sexual partners for a woman. If you've had sex with "too few" people, you're deemed a weirdo or a prude. If you've had sex with "too many" people, you're called slutty, promiscuous, and/or unladylike. If you've had sex with just the right amount of people, then ... wait, does such a number exist? If all of your sex has been consensual and appropriate ("appropriate" as in "not breaking any commitment of monogamy," not "appropriate" as in "missionary with the lights off"), then as far as I'm concerned, your number of sexual partners is right on target. Unless you're looking for more experience, that is. In that case, go forth and get laid.

This opinion may not be a popular one, though. There's a well-documented phenomenon of people lying about their sex number, comparing theirs with others, referring to post-sex walks home as "shameful," and going back to hook up with previous partners so they can get off without upping their sex stats. (No, that doesn't only happen in the plot of Ana Faris' What's Your Number.) So have you had sex with too many people? Let me first say that your sex number is no one's damn business but your own, so divulge only as you see fit. But feel free to take this quiz if you want to find out what your number of sexual partners says about your general values, character, and worth as a person. Spoiler: Not a whole lot.

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Image: asitansuave/Flickr