Paris Hilton Had A Total Cinderella Moment

Paris Hilton might look like a life-size Barbie doll to some, but after seeing her dressed up in a beautiful pastel blue bridesmaid gown, it seems like Paris Hilton was channeling Cinderella at Nicky Hilton's wedding. Naturally, all eyes were on Nicky on her special day as she was looking absolutely stunning in her lace Valentino dress. However, both her older sister and her mother, Kathy, looked gorgeous as well.

Kathy Hilton was dressed in a dusty blue-gray gown that had delicate, feather embroidery around the foot of her dress. Kathy accessorized with chunky pearl earrings and a matching pearl necklace. Paris' maid-of-honor gown was a beautiful pale blue chiffon gown with a hand pleated bodice and a beaded belt. Paris' gown along with all the bridesmaids gowns were custom designs by Dennis Basso.

Paris accented her chiffon gown with all silver accessories and was always seen holding a small bouquet of flowers, similar to the ones the bride was holding. Paris accessorized very simply, opting for a charm necklace, studs for her earrings, a chunky silver ring, and a sparkling waistband. Her shoes weren't glass slippers, but they could have passed for them. Her silver pumps were covered in chunky sequins that perfectly matched her waistband. As for makeup, both Kathy and Paris went with a very light look, with a lot of nude, brown, and pink shades. Like mother, like daughter!

And as an adorable way of sisterly support, it turns out Paris didn't choose to wear this Cinderella-like gown to her sister's wedding. "It's her day so whatever she wants me to wear, I will," Paris told the Daily Mail, "But I know that Nicky has impeccable taste so the bridesmaid dresses are going to be beautiful."

Sisterly love, for the win.

Images: christinedoesdrama/Instagram, ellemagazine/Twitter