How To Make Jean Shopping Less Stressful

by Miki Hayes

Many of us women seem to have been born with a shopping gene. We love it, and we can always find a reason to do it. Except when it comes to shopping for jeans. Somehow, jeans are exempt from the bug to shop, and they're basically the only things that turn our favorite sport/hobby/pastime into a chore. Now that's a little rude if you ask me, but perhaps it's our disdain for the errand of jeans-shopping that leads us to making mistakes (that subsequently cause us to have to do even more jeans-shopping). But it's time to put the vicious cycle of constantly trying on not-quite-right denim to rest.

I can't promise that these tips will help make shopping for jeans painless, but it should hopefully help reduce the frequency of that pain. IMO, we should never have to endure the suffering that is endlessly trying on denim more than once a year. Oh, and a bit of personal advice: When you do find the perfect pair, buy, like, three of them. You never know if the company will stop making that particular style (if you love them, they probably will), and you'll be stuck wearing the same pair of jeans when they're in shreds because no other jeans fit quite like those ones do. It's a problem. So here's hoping your jeans-shopping is as quick and easy as possible, and that you don't make any of these seven common mistakes.

1. Rushing

I know it's a pain, but if you're going to shop for jeans anyway, you might as well commit and take your time to find the perfect pair. It might not be fast and it might not be fun, but finding the right pair instead of settling will keep you from having to go out and do it again so quickly.

2. Not Talking To A Sales Associate

Rob Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Need help finding a specific size or fit? An associate can help. They might even have suggestions you might never have considered on your own, like a jean labeled "straight" but that fits like your favorite skinnies.

3. Ignoring the Length

Sure, the length seems perfect in the fitting room in your bare feet. But will you want to be wearing heels more often than not with this pair? Knowing what shoes you plan to wear with your denim can help you better assess what length your inseam needs to be.

4. Getting Too Caught Up in the Length

On the other hand, if you find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly except for the length, don't put them back prematurely. Instead, consider your options. If they're slightly too long, you can always cuff them or have them tailored. A little too short? Make them your designated pair to tuck into boots.

5. Not Checking Out The Materials

Lycra or Spandex will help jeans retain their shape and provide more stretch. And the higher the cotton content, the more likely they will be to shrink in the wash. Knowing what to expect from the materials of your jeans can help you pick the right fit and care for them properly.

6. Being Too Still

Don't just stand in front of the mirror. Sit, squat, jump around. Can the jeans keep up? If moving and sitting is uncomfortable, keep looking. When have you ever only stood perfectly still in a pair of jeans?

7. Forgetting That Denim Stretches

If a pair of jeans fits perfectly — as in if it were to stretch out even ever-so-slightly, it wouldn't fit as well anymore — don't bite. Denim does stretch after a little bit of wear, so if jeans feel slightly snug (instead of just right or too tight), chances are they will fit perfectly in a few hours.

Images: Getty Images (1); Unsplash/Pixabay: (2); Herry Lawford, Nathalie Babineau-Griffiths, 305 Seahill, Shandi-lee Cox/Flickr