Will Clay and Shelli Date After ‘BB17’ Ends?

Oh, Big Brother love. Regular love can be difficult, but Big Brother love? Trust me, even worse. In a house full of people that live and die by the knowledge of who you can trust — which is, generally, no one — it’s hard to imagine that any two people on this show could find love. But find it they somehow do. Every season it seems. Every summer in the Big Brother house, there are at least two house guests who fall in love and start the predicted showmance — for instance, this year, I know I'm not the only person wondering whether or not Clay and Shelli will date after Big Brother 17!

I mean, I kind of get it, I guess. Developing feelings for another is certainly one way to play the game. I mean, if I were on Big Brother, I have enough trust issues as it is to ever throw gameplay into any budding relationship — but when it comes to Shelli and Clay, I'm not sure what to think. They're without a doubt Season 17's hot couple and, as the perfect specimens of humanity they are, it’s really no wonder that they would be attracted to each other... but, I have to wonder, do they stand any chance of actually being together after the show ends?

Bad news: According to statistics, probably not. Womp, womp. As this list from The Examiner details, almost every showmance that has started on Big Brother has fallen apart, and it happens either when one of the houseguests is evicted or when the show ends and the couple has more places to roam than the living room. As hot as Shelli and Clay are right now, I'm thinking that once they leave the house, it’s highly unlikely that they'll actually get together and date, for real.

I mean, the warning signs are there now: The fact that Shelli is keeping him at an arm’s length isn’t helping their future, after all. The few times that Clay has gone in to kiss Shelli or to take their flirting into the physical realm, she — as the video below depicts — shuts him down fast. Shelli clearly knows she's also playing a game here, so I'm thinking she's got some ulterior motives.

Plus, she’s had to have a couple of conversations with him about keeping his mouth shut, which tells me she totally knows what a liability this young stud is. A dreamboat, yes — but a dreamboat that is liable to wreck her game as well. This doesn't really sound like the making of true love to me.

Keep your head clear, Shelli. You've got a game to play.

Image: CBS; Giphy