15 Full Coverage Panties To Replace Your Thong

by Katie Patton

As of late, women have been feeling especially empowered to deconstruct a number of issues in the sartorial world, and it would seem that saying goodbye to the thong and hello to full coverage underwear is the latest intersection of feminism and fashion. While underwear choice isn't exactly in line with lobbying for equal wage, and being a lover of thongs doesn't make you anti-feminist, this type of shift in lingerie trends shows that women are actively redefining what it means to be "sexy” by disregarding mainstream interpretations of the term. In a very Man Repeller-esque move, Millennials are outfitting themselves in undergarments that they deem trendy, cute, and comfortable, with little regard for what anyone else may deem desirable.

The notion that confidence is key has even led to a bevy of new lingerie offerings created by women, for women, with what women want in mind. These panty pioneers — female led brands such as TEN Undies, Me and You and Hello Beautiful — are developing lingerie that answers the question “what does she want” instead of “what does he want,” the latter being what many feel has been the focus of most major players in the industry. But in a new twist, some young women are choosing granny panties for feminism — or at least for themselves, instead of for the future perception of someone else.

While these ladies are certainly blazing a trail, mainstream lingerie brands and department stores have also seen an undeniable shift in sales. And even though some of those heavy hitters have been seemingly slower to adapt to this shift in ideals and purchasing patterns, retailers have definitely begun to up their full coverage panty game with a variety of ample-bottom choices.

From well known bikini styles to the newly popular high waisted silhouettes, there is a fun, feel good, full coverage brief for anyone whose heart so desires. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get shopping for those booty loving undergarments with the five staple silhouettes in the full coverage game.

1. The Bikini

TEN Bikini, $40,

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Plus Size V-kini, $32, Amazon

Victoria's Secret Everyday Perfect Bikini Panty, $11, Victoria's Secret

Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka dot bikini, right? Sure, the song was about a bathing suit, but it applies to lingerie as well. The bikini offers the least coverage of all bottom covering panties, often with a lower rise and narrow sides. Basically, in a seamless fabric, the bikini provides comfortable, no-show coverage for those who don't like a lot of material, yet feel sexier without an exposed behind or dislike the idea of a permanent wedgie.

2. The Brief

Dita Von Teese Lace Trim Briefs Plus Size, $48,

Natori Lace Trimmed Briefs, $18, A mazon

Lane Bryant Dazzler Brief Panty, $12, Lane Bryant

I have no proof, but I feel as if the brief is like, the original panty silhouette. This type of underwear can come in many iterations and fabrications — low rise, high rise, high cut, lace, microfiber or cotton — all of which make them perfectly adorable for anyone, depending on preference. With ample coverage in the back, a medium rise, and a wider side that tends to hit right above the thigh, the traditional brief covers us up comfortably and is quite possibly one of the coziest options in underwear.

3. The Hipster

Pink Seamless Hipster Panty, $11, V ictoria's Secret

Cotton Lace Back Hipster Panty, $10,

Panache Jasmine Hipster Brief, $28, A mazon

A cross between the boyshort and the bikini, the hipster tends to have a lower rise and a straighter cut — literally sitting right across the hips — with wider sides, yet coverage that goes just to the edge of the booty. In super soft, stretchy, seamless materials, fresh colors and prints and/or lace in all the right places, the hipster is further proof that full coverage is fun and flirty.

4. The Boyshort

Boyshort Panty With Lace- Deesse Collection, $20,

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Boyshort, $29, A mazon

Chevron Boyshort Panty, $10, Torrid

Let's hear it for the boys, because we are revamping their styling yet again. I mean, why should they get to have all the comfortable, full coverage fun? The boyshort panty is like a smaller version of a boxer brief, with wider sides than a hipster and a coverage that extends slightly past the derrière. Turns out, menswear styling with a feminine twist works on the runway and in the lingerie world.

5. The High Waisted Panty

TEN High, $45,

Elomi Nina High Rise Plus Size Boyshorts, $30, A mazon

Dark Blooms Hi-rise Undie, $30,

While high waisted panties may once have been seen as the most "granny" of them all, they are now being viewed as full coverage, va-va voom, pinup girl perfection. This style highlights all of those lovely lady lumps and is super comfortable under high waisted jeans and shorts (here's looking at you Taylor Swift) because the pant and panty waists often fall at the same height. No more dealing with your waist being awkwardly cut off or your undies falling down in places you can't reach!

These are no longer just your grandma's panties, ladies! As a long time, dedicate supporter of full bottom underwear (I love a good hipster), I am happy to see women everywhere embracing the idea that the lingerie they wear should make them happy and feel sexy, above all else.

So, it should go without saying that, if you are still a thong lover, by all means rock that tiny piece of material all day, every day like a boss. But, if you aren't, choose something different, because there should be no shame in the underwear game as long as you are comfortable and confident!

Images: TEN Undies; Courtesy Brands