Leandra Medine Wears Dress Over Jeans To Gucci Resort 2016 Supper Party

Fashion blogger Leandra Medine may be repelling men with her outfits, but all of the women out there should be paying attention to what she’s wearing, especially her latest look. The Man Repeller wore a dress over jeans to the Gucci Resort 2016 Supper Party, and it looked so good. And this is coming from someone who’s not a huge fan of the whole dress with jeans thing.

But dang, she is changing my mind with this look. For some reason, well several reasons, actually, this look came together flawlessly. I think it’s a combination of the length of the dress, the color and fit of the pants and the jacket she paired it with. With all of that combined — She. Nailed. This. Look.

And she’s gotten me wanting to try the dress over jeans thing out for myself. If you’re skeptical about the look — believe me, I don’t blame you. But, I think if done the right way, this can really work.

Of course, wearing a dress over pants is nothing new. Kendall Jenner recently wore an outfit reminiscent of a salwar kameez, a traditional form of Asian dress, a sartorial decision that many deemed culturally appropriative.

Whether you're interested in channeling the highly layered feel of Medine's outfit or are simply looking for a similar flowy dress, you can rock any of the following 7 dresses for a Man Repeller-approved look.

T-Shirt Dress

$27.18, ASOS

A t-shirt dress is an great way to ease yourself into this trend.

Structured Wrap Dress

$68.86, ASOS

This will give off a very put together and chic vibe (even if you're wearing jeans under your dress).

Ladylike Layers

$22.90, Forever 21

With its lovely layers, this dress looks very similar to the one that The Man Repeller wore.

Plaid Perfection

$24.90, Forever 21+

I mean, this dress is practically begging to be layered. For a laid-back look, this is definitely the way to go.

Slits To There Dress

$100, Urban Outfitters

With slits this high, this dress provides the perfect opportunity to show off some fancy leg wear.

Drop Waist Darling

$138, Anthropologie

I think the drop waist silhouette is always a good option for late spring layering. Besides, how adorable is this dress?

Button Me Up Dress

$27.90, Forever 21+

Unbuttoned, this dress will have such great flow and pair perfectly with shorts like the model wears.

Images: Courtesy Brands