All the Ways Sarah Michelle Gellar Wins At Twitter

Unlike LeAnn Rimes who's incredibly bad at Twitter, the actress formerly known as Buffy Summers is AMAZING at it. Seriously, forget about Cameron Diaz's new account and go follow Sarah Michelle Gellar because she's joined the ranks of celebrities that are owning the social networking site. Last night the ex-vampire slayer and star of the new CBS comedy The Crazy Ones, tweeted about Elizabeth Taylor watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer as one of her guilty pleasures and semi-called her out for claiming Buffy was a "bad" show. It was hilarious and borderline incoherent — a recipe for a Twitter win. SMG is so good at tweeting that we're actually convinced her account is single-handedly keeping The Crazy Ones afloat (besides the fact that it's a show with great potential that deserves a chance to succeed). And it just proves that you don't need to write ambiguous Twitter poetry like Meredith Vieira to have a lol-worthy presence.

SMG's account is peppered with inside jokes with James Wolk (BOB BENSON), epic Buffy references, and a lot of Crazy Ones-related promo tweets (that we can forgive her for because she's Buffy, after all). If this doesn't sound like some of the most fun you've had on Twitter since Kanye's last rant, here's the proof:

She loves Liz even though she thought Buffy was bad.

She speaks the truths we're all feeling.

This is cute as hell. (Hi, Bob.)

She's not afraid to share her Buffy expertise and call out Buzzfeed for getting it wrong.

More opinions, more Buffy.

She knows that we all watch reality TV.


And to top it off, an inside joke with Bob Benson.