LeAnn Rimes & Twitter = Oil & Water

LeAnn Rimes might want to consider taking a Twitter hiatus. Even when she tries to keep things lighthearted, she winds up embroiled in a tweet-fight. It must be programmed in her DNA or something. On Saturday morning, the country singer laughed off a fan's iffy tweet, and the twit hit the fan. Fan @DaGiggleFactory tweeted, "remember the good old days when @leannrimes was just a chubby country bumpkin married to a gay dude? #neverforget" and posted an old school pic of Rimes.

Cripes. The tweet is lame on about 45 levels. First of all, taking a dig at someone's weight is so unfunny and mean. Also? Making a joke about someone's sexuality is never cool. But this is Rimes we're talking about, so of course she couldn't let this one alone. Evidently, it's of no matter to her whether or not it's a rando tweeting her or her arch nemesis, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, Rimes will get involved. Twitter is her catnip, and word vomit is her specialty. This woman might grab your phone right out of your hands just to tweet something from your account — she's tweeted over 69,000 times. She obviously felt the need to dignify the tweet with a reply, and this is what she wrote.

Eh, I would've left it alone, Rimes. Don't feed the trolls!

And because Twitter is Twitter, Dan Sheremet, Rimes's ex-husband, responded:

Yikes. Twitter 101, Rimes. Don't @reply an entire tweet and expect everyone to realize you're @replying a portion of the crappy tweet. Sheremet has a point. It could seem like she's laughing off the entire crappy tweet. Including the crappy part when the tweeter seemingly uses "gay" as a pejorative. Not good.

And then, this:


And then, another fan chimed in:

Please see: Twitter 101. A tweeter should never assume we can read the tweeter's mind. Also, I love fans who swoop in on a celeb Twitter feud.

And then:

Did I ever actually think Rimes was laughing at the part about Sheremet? No. As petty as she's been about Brandi Glanville, Rimes doesn't strike me as the "okay with homophobic comments" type. What it boils down to: Rimes was careless with her tweeting and it made quite the mess. She just wanted to brush off a snarky comment about an old photo!

Readying my mind for whatever new Rimes-related Twitter drama unfolds next week. Crossing my fingers for a classic Rimes/Glanville battle royale!