These 9 Miss USA Contestants Are A Unique Bunch And They Stand Out From The Crowd

Well, it’s that’s time of year again! The Miss USA pageant airs tomorrow, and there are definitely some interesting women in this year’s group of contestants. From having a black belt to interning for the U.S. Senate, these are the nine Miss USA 2015 contestants you should know about, because they’re very unique women.

Yes, they’re all sculpted and tan and obviously beautiful, but what’s beyond the surface here with this year’s group of gals? Well, reading into their bios you’ll find that there’s quite a lot more than just beauty and stereotypes if you really get to know them. And these unique backstories and quirky interests have shaped them into who they are and will help them stand out from the crowd.

You’ll quickly find that there is quite a lot to be learned from these ladies, so I know that whoever wins the title of Miss USA at the end will be in a great position to make a difference in whatever field their area of interest lies in. Many of them are quite accomplished already. From continuing their education to helping charities, these women will have the power and the knowledge to do some serious good.

Enough of me blabbing on and on about how fab these ladies are — see what I mean for yourself.

1. Arkansas

Leah Blefko double majors in Broadcast Journalism and Sports Management and works for the Razorback football team. She proves that even Miss USA can have a little tom boy in her!

Fun fact: She's obsessed with hot sauce.

2. Colorado

Talyah Polee is a former fourth all-time in the pentathlon and is now involved with many sports related charity organizations including Senior Olympic Games and Hoops for St. Jude’s Foundation. With her athleticism, beauty and giving heart, she's the Triple Threat of this year's line up of Miss USA contestants.

Fun fact: Polee loves soap operas.

3. Connecticut

With Polish as her first language, Ashley Golebiewski knows what it's like to have to learn English as a second language and be proud where you came from and where you are now. Because she was different, she was bullied in school and is now an advocate for an international anti-bullying campaign.

Fun fact: She enjoys kickboxing and weight training.

4. Hawaii

This PR exec loves writing, travel and fashion. She's been where many women would kill to go: the fashion closet at Vogue. She worked as an intern there, and if that doesn't make her the coolest, then I don't know what does!

Fun fact: Wo studied abroad at Oxford.

5. Illinois

Both Renee Wronecki and her mother were diagnosed with skin cancer and are cancer-free today. Because of the diagnosis, she became more involved in a healthy, active lifestyle, which has help her to become the woman she is today.

Fun fact: Wronecki is a huge fan of the Rocky movies thanks to her dad and brothers.

6. Maine

Heather Elwell can play not one, but seven instruments. Her love of music and gift as a musician allows her to play for cancer patients at the Children's Hospital, using music as a form of therapy.

Fun fact: She's loved to fish ever since age four, when her grandmother first taught her how to cast a line.

7. Massachusetts

Polinkseni Manxhari tragically lost a friend to suicide, which is what motivated her to become a contact on the Samaritans Suicide Prevention Hotline.

Fun fact: Albanian is her first language.

8. Minnesota

Jessica Scheu is a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and has been practicing the sport since she was 6 years old. Watch out for this girl!

Fun fact: Scheu is a fantasy football champion.

9. West Virginia

With a degree in International Studies, Andrea Mucino is hoping to become a lobbyist for education and women's rights. She's interned for the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

Fun Fact: Muncino is admittedly addicted to coffee.

With a roster of dynamite candidates like these lovelies, it's going to be hard to pick a winner for Miss USA 2015!