Plus Size Blogger Ragini Nag Rao Joins Unique Vintage's Style Society And The Collaboration Is Already Amazing

As an accomplished plus size fashion blogger and witty, body positive activist, Ragini Nag Rao has always pulled off her signature ethereal, vintage, feminine style with effortless individual flair, and an enviably honest attitude about everything from fashion to mental health. Which is why Rao's membership of the Unique Vintage Style Society — and consequent ability to be a fashion muse to a whole new demographic — makes total sense. Renowned for scorning traditional style conventions (instead swapping them for embracing personal style and female bodily empowerment), Rao is an inspiring, positive role model for girls and women everywhere, in an industry that — even today — is still oversaturated with a one dimensional vision of beauty (often in the form of slender, cis, white fashion models and bloggers).

In her first pick from the extensive Unique Vintage wardrobe, Rao is pictured on both Instagram and her personal blog showcasing a gorgeous 1950s style swing dress with a sweetheart bodice, black dotted mesh overlay, and tea-length, A-line circle skirt; and wow, does she wear it well. Pairing the dress with simply peach toned pointed flats and a red lip, Rao's style gives the dress a soft, playful twist as she poses looking whimsical on a leafy green poolside. In her latest blog post, she writes: "I'd earmarked this Unique Vintage dress for a very romantic engagement dinner, which didn't quite happen after all (but it was alright, because it ended in sappy crying and roses)... I finally got the chance to wear the dress today (and feel very, very fancy)."

Unique Vintage is known for celebrating women who enjoy immersing themselves in the world of fashion without bowing to the pressure to ascribe to the flawless-striving catwalk mold. I'm incredibly excited to watch Rao bring her individual sartorial take to the Style Society drawing board.

Images: A Curious Fancy; kittehinfurs/ Instagram