Start Shipping Kaimon, 'Vampire Diaries' Fans

by Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

This is what 'shippers' dreams are made of. On Sunday, July 12 at Comic-Con 2015, Vampire Diaries fans were treated to their ultimate fantasy becoming a reality, or at least a possibility: a sizzle reel that recreated Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev's famous kiss in the rain as characters Damon and Elena, aka Delena. Except, and this is crucial: the video included a major plot twist, where it recreated the scene with Damon kissing Kai, played by Chris Wood, rather than Elena. Say what?

"Promise me this is forever," Kai tells Damon in the amazing video, which is available to watch on Buzzfeed and which all Vampire Diaries fans have to see. "I promise," Damon answers, before the two had the most magical vampire kiss in the rain born of fans' deepest desire for a Kai-Damon relationship, and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

In other still-great-but-much-less-exciting news, at Vampire Diaries Comic-Con panel, executive producer Caroline Dries explained what fans might expect when Season 7 premieres this October. According to Dries, viewers will be introduced to "these six villains who can do magic and are vampires[...]It’s the first time we see our characters try and go up against them [and they don’t know what they’re doing].”

Michael Malarky said his character Enzo will find himself at the center of the conflict between the heroes and villains. “It’s about choosing his allegiance. Does he go with Lily and the heretics or go with Damon? It’s a very clear struggle for him.” And without Elena on the show this season, executive producer Julie Plec added that Damon will also struggle in the face of this new conflict. “It’s, ‘Who am I without this girl right by my side? She’s my center, the one who grounds me.’ The lines are going to get a little crooked. We’re going to see a lot of naughty Damon trying not to be naughty.” Sounds good to me!

A Damon-Kai romance (Kaimon? Dai? We'll have to work on that) might not ever happen on the actual show, but it's good to know that the series' cast and crew is just as into the idea of it as fans. Just look at how excited Twitter is about the possibility, no matter how small, of those two as a couple:

If it does ever happen, it's safe to assume that fans of Vampire Diaries will be more than happy to watch.

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