'Supernatural' Might Bring Back Your Favorites

San Diego Comic-Con is really quite the epic week for all things entertainment. Over the course of a week, we've seen some epic reveals from some of the coolest TV shows and most anticipated films of the next few years. But one of the best pieces of news for me came from the Supernatural panel on Sunday, July 11, when executive producer Jeremy Carver and stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki revealed some small but exciting news about the sure-to-be epic new season. In fact, one of the best and, at the same time, most infuriating tidbits from Supernatural Season 11 was when Carver revealed that some fan favorites would return, but in "surprising ways" this season and revealed absolutely nothing more about what he meant.

So which fan favorites could come back and what could Carver mean by "surprising ways?" I have a few ideas. For those who may not remember, Season 10 ended when the brothers finally released Dean form the violent prison that is the Mark of Cain. Unfortunately when they removed the Mark from Dean's arm, it was released into the world and created the Darkness from which we're not sure how the Winchesters will escape. Carver and the stars revealed that Season 11 would feature a Big Bad against which the brothers and Castiel would unite to fight this season. So how exactly will these fan favorites be incorporated into the more epic feel of Season 11?

1. Gabriel

Gabriel has already come back despite dying once before, but whether he was actually resurrected by Metatron or it was all just an illusion has not been answered yet. My hope is that Gabriel is alive and that he has once again hidden his identity as another type of pagan God. Or it's entirely possible that he is still working for Metatron and now that the Darkness has been revealed, maybe Metatron will come up with a new diabolical plan involving the demon tablet. And when he asked Gabriel for his help, he will finally break free and help the Winchesters destroy the Darkness (or whatever the Big Bad is this season).

2. Charlie

Yes I know she just died, but I loved Charlie and I want to see her once again. Maybe she could be resurrected because she is the perfect angel vessel for someone? That would definitely bring her back in a surprising and interesting way.

3. Chuck

If Chuck really is God, then he needs to return as such. He needs to fully embrace that reality and identity. But would his return as God effectively give us the end of the series?

4. Lucifer

What? Mark Pellegrino's Lucifer is incredible, and with him stuck in his cage, there's always a possibility of Lucifer coming back. Of course, when he was thrown into his cage, he had ditched the Mark Pellegrino meat suit. So Supernatural would first have to find a way to bring Pellegrino back in some interesting way and then let Lucifer re-inhabit him once again.

5. Balthazar

Here's an idea: what if all of the fan favorite characters that we want to see come back in some kind of musical episode? I've been properly waiting for a musical episode for ages, and I need it. I want it. What if Gabriel comes back as the Trickster working for Metatron and sticks Dean and Sam in a musical world where all of the audience's fan favorites are still alive in strange, incredible ways.

6. Sheriff Mills

No I change my mind, I don't want Sheriff Mills to come back in a surprising way. I just want her back just as she is.

7. Bobby

Duh. The team would be "idjits" not to find a way to bring back Bobby. What if Bobby was an angel now? Could that happen? Is that a possibility? If so, let's make that happen ASAP.

8. Ellen & Joe

I need at least a little taste of Ellen and Joe once again. We got to see Ellen return in an alternate world where the Titanic never sank (in the episode "My Heart Will Go On.") What if both of these amazing women came back as ghosts, angels, demons or really anything? I'll leave this up to the clever minds of the Supernatural writers as long as they promise to bring the women back. I love them. I love them so much.

9. Crowley

Mark Sheppard who plays Crowley stated at Comic-Con that he was "pretty dead." But I refused to believe that. He's not dead. I won't hear otherwise. I want a Crowley return and if it has to be in a surprising way, then why not as a straight-up human? He almost became one at the end of Season 8!

I can't wait to see what crazy events Supernatural has in store this season.

Images: Katie Yu/The CW; Rebloggy; Giphy (8)