Will Andi Dorfman Be On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? This Reality Star Is Too Busy For More TV

Do you want to know the best part of The Bachelorette season finale? It means that the Bachelor in Paradise premiere is coming soon, and everyone knows that Bachelor in Paradise is the best Bachelor show. There’s so much more drama and hook ups than on the regular season, and it makes for awesome television. As you know, random people show up on throughout the season, and many people are wondering if Andi Dorfman will be on Bachelor in Paradise . After all, there is a mystery female contestant on the show this year. Unfortunately, I am here to burst your bubble. Andi will probably not be one of the contestants this year. Want to know how I know that?

It’s actually very simple. When people go on The Bachelor, Bachelorette, or BIP, they aren’t allowed to communicate with the outside world. That means no phones, no tweets, no instagrams and no snapchats. Another thing you should know is that Bachelor nation is all about the social media. So when 20-something people go dark on social media for a month, it’s kind of a give-away. From around May 29 - June 26 everyone who was announced as contestants were offline. And, Reality Steve confirmed that filming began the first week of June. However, Andi never stopped tweeting during that time, meaning that she wasn’t filming. (Unless they brought her in for, like, one surprise week.)

Still don't believe me? Let's take a look at the proof. Andi Dorfman has been pretty busy while everyone else was off in “Paradise” trying to find a spouse. Here are 13 things Andi did instead of trying to find love in Mexico.

1. She Celebrated Equality

As a New Yorker, Dorfman was spotted partying in West Village following the Supreme Court’s decision.

2. She Lost A Sticky Boob

It happens to the best of us.

3. She Went On A Dinner Date With Kaitlyn

These two — who have two boyfriends in common — were seen bonding together. It was awesome.

4. She Got Drunk And Watched The Bachelorette

A normal Monday night for most of us.

5. She Vacationed In LA

She was in LA while everyone else was in Mexico… so… there’s that.

6. And Saw Magic Mike XXL With Michelle Money

Two of our favorite Bachelor Nation ladies.

7. She Headed To CMA Fest In Nashville

Andi’s a country girl at heart and spent the weekend with Nikki Ferrell jamming out in Tennessee.

8. She Was Spotted Back In Atlanta

She headed back home for a little while; she's quite the travel bug.

9. She Advised Kaitlyn To Run Away From Nick Viall

Yeah, I guess we will see if Kaitlyn took the advice.

10. She Ran Along The Hudson

Because that’s what New Yorkers do.

11. And Watched American Pharaoh Win The Triple Crown

Another historical moment happened while they were filming BiP.

12. She Was A Bridesmaid In A Friend's Wedding

Andi also headed to Charleston for a wedding.

13. Finally, She Became An Official New Yorker

She spent hours at the DMV and tweeted about it. So, it's safe to say, if she had time for the DMV, she probably wasn't filming in Paradise.

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