The Miss USA 2015 Swimsuit Competition Was Filled With 15 Nearly Identical Bikinis

If there has been a common theme through Miss USA 2015, it's the consensus that wearing a bikini in public is hard. From comments about how "nerve wracking" it can be to sport a two-piece in public, to statements about the bravery it takes to wear your kini to the beach, people have some serious sentiments about their swimwear.

As a woman of contemporary society, I get where these comments stem from. I mean, we're not taught to love ourselves, after all. We're taught to question our bodies, pick them apart, find their "flaws," and strive to change those "flaws." But the contestants of the 2015 competition seem more than comfortable sporting their teeny bikinis for the world to see. And, realistically, judge. Since, you know, this is a competition and all.

The weirdness of a competition that pits women's appearances against each other aside, what struck me most about tonight's event is the lack of individuality in the suits. The 15 finalists are all wearing seemingly identical two-pieces, sequined and bedazzled in monochromatic red, white, or blue. The bikinis are all the same, and, realistically, the bodies we are seeing are all very much the same, too.

I don't judge these women for being in the competition. There are a whole heap of reasons to want to be in Miss USA, or any other pageant for that matter. But the lack of body diversity and individuality in this portion of the event has been nothing short of staggering.

The women look stunning, of course. Each and every one of them is confident and strong. But the pool of contestants simply isn't indicative of the average American woman. And it would've been more than a little nice to at least see the contestants in suits of their choosing — something that demonstrates one facet of their actual personalities.

Click ahead to see what I mean, because tonight, homogeneity reigns supreme.

Maureen Montagne: Arizona

Arizona finalist Maureen Montagne went with firetruck red and sequins until tomorrow.

Rashontae Wawrzyniak: Michigan

An itsy bitty white bikini is always a classic, I guess.

Olivia Jordan: Oklahoma

Is this Maureen Montagne’s bikini, in blue?

Renee Wronecki: Illinois

Wait, are all these bikinis actually the same but in different shades of red, white, and blue?

Brittany McGowan: Nevada

Yes, indeed. They totally are the same.

Renee Bull: Delaware

Alright, all the bikinis might be the identical, but Reneé Bull is killing it.

Candice Bennatt: Louisiana

White bikinis… white bikinis… white bikinis.

Anea Garcia: Rhode Island

Am I being not-so-subliminally told to buy this white bikini? Probs. Probs.

Thatiana Diaz: New York

Back to the blue sequins. Everyone really loves sequins tonight.

Laura Puleo: Virginia

Hmm. So how are these women being judged again? Considering, you know, the bikinis are all identical. And, also, everyone represents one predominant body type?

Emma Wo: Hawaii

Hawaii’s finalist is one of the few wearing red… so at least there’s that.

Madison Guthrie: Alabama

Oh wait, I spoke too soon.

Mamé Adjei: Maryland

Beautiful, yes. Identical suit to all the others? Most definitely.

Ylianna Guerra: Texas

Miss USA really wants us to get on board the patriotic kini trend, y’all.

Katie George: Kentucky

And to wrap things up… um… another sequin bikini. Hooray!