7 Pajama Pieces You Can Rock In Real Life

Here's the thing: I would prefer to be in no-pants land all day and night. Unfortunately, people exist, and inevitably, so does judgement, but with these 10 pajamas you can wear in real life (and in any kind of wardrobe), you'll have no problem putting on clothes and hitting the door. Because who doesn't want to spend all day in soft PJs?

Incorporating pajamas into your wardrobe is actually a pretty feat — mostly because some gorgeous pajama tops look pretty profesh with a pair of slacks and a blazer. Or paired with a pencil skirt and a chunky heel. And pajama pants? Forget about it. The flowy silk and fun patterns make for a more interesting getup than your usual cotton pant. Bonus points if you can somehow incorporate a silk robe.

You may not be able to put on your terry cloth robe and fluffy slippers, but with these 10 pieces of pajamas that you can wear in real life, you'll feel cozy comfy all day long. Just make sure to pair with more work or school appropriate items. As with everything, there's a boundary, and nobody wants to look like a slob. Use your judgment, and happy pajama-ing!

1. This Long Sleeved Dress

HANRO Malta Long Sleeve Gown, $213, Zappos

Hey, pair me with single strapped heels, long vest, and some jewelry, and you've got a breezy-cool summer office look.

2. The Overall Jammies

Steven Alan Short Strap Overall, $248, Steven Alan

You've pretty much been living in a rock if you haven't seen the overalls trend take the world by storm recently. Be trendy and comfortable? Count me in.

3. The Preppy Nightie

J. Crew Night Shirt In End-On-End Cotton, $68, J. Crew

Another huge trend? The shirtdress. Perfect for a lazy Saturday, pair this with a sleek flat, and voilà, you've got the easiest, chicest outfit for the day.

4. The Summer Florals

Ralph Lauren Floral Pajama Set, $69, Ralph Lauren

Take these floral pants, wear a slouchy white tee and your biggest sunnies, and you've got the perfect brunch outfit.

5. The Boho Frock

Pour Les Femmes Cotton Long Nightdress, $235, Pour Les Femmes

Nothing says chic quite like a long, white dress, and this one's perfect for summer topped off with an oversized hat.

6. The Classic Black Robe

Lonely Piped Robe, $140, Lonely Label

Robes have been all the rage lately, and this would look especially glam with tattered jeans and a plain crop. Normcore meets Kylie Jenner.

7. This Silky Set

Equipment Avery Pajama Set, $418, Net-A-Porter

More the top, than the bottom. Pair the sheer long sleeved top with a bralette and tuck into boyfriend jeans, and I think you've probably got the most comfortable outfit of all time.

Images: Courtesy Brands