Are Ben H. & Nick Viall Friends? The 'Bachelorette' Contestants' Social Media Accounts Tell All — PHOTOS

It's pretty clear from the way this season of The Bachelorette has played out (and from his handsome face) that, among Kaitlyn's ex-suitors, Ben H. is the only choice to be the next Bachelor — the man is probably grabbing get-to-know-you drinks with America's favorite buzzkill, Chris Harrison, at this very moment while the ink dries on his contract and Neil Lane whips up another batch of diamonds. Ben H. is the perfect balance of boring but lovable that makes for all the best Bachelors. Ben H. seems like a real rule follower though, and according to Instagram, a much beloved fellow by the rest of his brother-husbands from the show. But, is Ben H. friends with Nick Viall? Nick's definitely not a favorite of the other guys on the show, so this is a question that must be asked.

I don't mean to imply that Nick is so terrible that even puppy dog Ben H. can't tolerate him, I just mean to say that there's a noticeable lack of Nick on Ben's social media outlets where he's taken to declaring his love for some of the other men from his season. Nick, for his part, doesn't spare much time for his fellow Bachelorette: Part 2 bros on ol' Instagram (Ron, an underrated babe from Andi's season, recently made an appearance though). That said, there's not a lot of room between all the contemplative modeling shots, so I'm sure he doesn't mean anything by it. Especially since Nick declared on Twitter that, in addition to JJ who is "a bit of an ass," he "[loves] Ben H too" (but not as much as Tanner, another underrated babe, who is Nick's "all time favorite," apparently). Unfortunately for the guy with two punches on his Bachelorette villain punch card, it looks like Ben H. just doesn't return the sentiments...

Sorry Nick

If I didn't know any better, I'd say Ben has gone to specific lengths to avoid getting Nick in any of his Instagram posts. He's posted a couple of group shots, including this bro'd out one from Ireland with the caption, "I want to let everyone know there is no doubt I am surrounded by some great men in this picture."

I want to let everyone know that Nick is not included in that declaration. Ben also didn't post this cozy shot that made its way on most of the bros' Instas, but instead, cropped into an even cozier shot of just him and...


Oh, Ben has major love for Shawn B. — sit in his lap and write him sonnets on social media kind of love. (It almost makes me feel bad for finding Shawn so irritating over the last two weeks.) It looks like Shawn and Ben have the "bromance" Nick can only dream of finding when he returns to The Bachelorette for a third time next year, but there's one person who even has the Shawn-admiration beat on Ben's Instagram...

Cupcake Chris

Apparently, the guy is truly a cupcake.

The Trista + Ryan Stamp of Approval

In Bachelor-land, the picture above is like having the pope officiate your marriage and the Obamas show up to do the Nae Nae at your reception. When you're running with the Sutters, there's simply no time for Nick.

And I'll Just Leave This Here...

...for good measure (and just a little more love for Cupcake).

Images: ABC/Felicia Graham; Ben Higgins/Instagram (6)