Demi Lovato Celebrates Curves In Body Positive Selfie, Reminds Us That Her Instagram Feed Is An Endless Source Of Inspiration

In my opinion, no matter what your body shape, you should celebrate it, flaunt it, and show it off as often as you can. Demi Lovato recently celebrated her own curvy figure in a body positive selfie. Loving herself as she is and encouraging her fans to do the same is deliciously commonplace for the star. The singer and actress is riding a wave of success and has been wearing really sexy outfits while promoting her new single "Cool for the Summer." She posted a sultry new Insta pic, calling attention to her curves in both the actual image and her caption. She looked like a classic beauty in her floral outfit and her metallic, silver pumps.

Lovato was sprawled out on her back with her hand on her forehead, as though she just had a rough and busy day promoting her new hit song. Or, you know, performing during the MLB All-Star Game festivities. Her legs were clearly the focus of the photo, and can you blame Lovato? If you follow her on IG, you know that Demi loves to get a good workout in (see below). Why not show it off?

Lovato has been a proud poster girl for Lovatics and young girls, reminding them to love themselves and their bodies, and noted that she had to learn to love her curves. She also said that it took someone close to her to help her to realize that. My guess is that she's talking about her boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, who she has always described as a wonderful support system.

Lovato looked classic with her hot pink lips and white, oval nails. She is really good at posting body posi images all over her IG. It's an endless source of inspo.

Here's an even better snap! Lovato was working out and suggested fans train to be badass, not to be skinny. Yet another excellent message for her to spread.

Then there are her "No Makeup Monday" selfies, in which she shows off her bare 'n' beautiful face.

She also asks her fans to do the same. Yes, she is promoting her skincare line, but taking care of one's skin is also an act of self love.

Lovato has already said that she exercises for a variety of reasons and to be thin isn't one of them! Her workout selfies remind us that she is committed to her regimen and to staying healthy and in shape. That's a state of being and a state of mind, not a state of skinny.

Could Demetria be any more inspiring?

Images: Demi Lovato/Instagram (5)