7 Ways 'Big Brother 17' Audrey Middleton Could Win The Game Even Despite The Huge Target On Her Back

On Big Brother, things can change almost overnight, but one thing that has stayed the same for the past couple of weeks is the fact that Audrey Middleton is a huge target on Big Brother 17. Seriously, she is at the top of everyone's hit list, whether they are HoH or not, because of some shady game moves that Audrey made during the first week that blew up in her face. There seemed to be no rhyme or strategy to her lies, and, when she was called out on them by Da'Vonne, everyone in the house became aware that Audrey is an untrustworthy snake in the grass. Despite that, Da'Vonne went home that week. This week? The live feeds say that, as of this moment, Jeff or James are going to be sent home next. The fact that Audrey is still going strong even with the huge target on her back makes it clear: Audrey could win Big Brother 17, if she just plays her cards right.

If I had a dollar for every time someone mentions that Audrey is the big target that everyone in the house agrees on getting out, only to turn around and try to evict someone else... well, OK, I'd only have $2 by this point. However, the longer they go without sending Audrey home, the more opportunity she has to weave her way back into everyone's good graces and make it all the way to Jury. But does Audrey have what it takes to win? I say that she does, and, in fact, there's a strategy that she can use to ensure that she at least makes the Final Two.

1. Keep Playing The Sympathy Card

The sympathy card worked wonders for Audrey with Clay and Shelli. Sure, by that point, Clay had already convinced Shelli to send Da'Vonne home instead of Audrey, but it just proves what a great actress she is. If she can just lay low, and continue to act like she is genuinely contrite, then she just might melt the hearts that have hardened toward her.

2. Start Playing The Victim Card

Audrey has no one in the house. No one on her side, or, at least, no one on her side for very long. If she can somehow manage to come across as the victim in this situation, maybe plant the seeds that her isolation has lasted for long enough and is just getting gratuitous at this point, then she might be able to make some friends in the house again.

3. Pick An Alliance & Stick With It

No, seriously, this is Audrey's biggest problem, and what might get her sent home. As soon as she makes an alliance, she is either bringing the entire house in on it, or she is betraying the members of that alliance. She needs to pull an Austin and protect the members of her alliance to the very end. That way, they know that she's trustworthy and work to protect her in turn.

4. Train For The Competitions

At this point, the only way for Audrey to more or less guarantee her safety is for her to win an HoH competition and hope she doesn't get dethroned at the Battle of the Block. So, she needs to spend a little less time in bed, rocking awesome beanies, and a little more time improving herself physically and mentally so she can get her hands on that coveted HoH key.

5. Go With The House

If the house is voting one way, stop voting the other way, Audrey. What are you doing? Eventually, they're going to figure out that it was you, and then you'll be going home that week no matter what other targets suddenly spring up to save you!

6. Frame Someone Else As America's Player

People are starting to murmur both inside and outside of the house that Audrey is America's Player, and the target on her back does not need to get any bigger. It's time for Audrey to use her powers to start framing someone else as America's Player and fast. That way, even if she does turn out to be the real one in the end, at least she'll have won the competition.

7. Be The Smallest Target

This is the most difficult part of the strategy for Audrey, but I think she can make it work. Right now, she's the biggest target in the house, so everyone keeps saving the best for last while they get smaller targets out. Audrey can use that to her advantage, helping the HoH get whoever they want out of the house out of the house with minimal blood on their hands. In that way, Audrey will be less of a target and more of an invaluable tool that everyone will want to keep until the Final Two.

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