When You Can't Tell If Someone Is Flirting

by Kat George

Can you tell if someone is flirting with you? As a straight woman, it's my ongoing observation that straight men are terrible at flirting. In fact, I find them generally so bad at it that I always know when they are doing it, as their floundering generally stands out like a sore thumb. Male flirters, in my experience, are either completely cheesy with their lines and drink buying, or (sometimes adorably) sweaty and weird. But there are, obviously, times when flirting goes over even my head. That normally happens in non-flirting environments, like school or work, where I'm not expecting flirting (whereas at a bar, I imagine strange men aren't just trying to say "hi" for no sex reason). BuzzFeed has made a video showing exactly what happens when you're trying to figure out if someone is flirting with you or not.

In the video, co-workers flirt, don't flirt, and are all very generally confused and frustrated. The female protagonist has two of her male co-workers flirt with her, fairly obviously, and is completely oblivious to it. Meanwhile, when she suspects another male co-worker is flirting with her, she winds up being completely wrong. This is why being single is so hard. Because everything is a puzzle to be worked out, and that puzzle is someone else's mind, which is the hardest puzzle of all.

Watch BuzzFeed's video below:

If you often find yourself in a similar situation, unsure whether someone is flirting with you, here are 6 signs that they are:

1. They touch your arm

2. They laugh at all your jokes

3. They're clearly awkward but still won't walk away

4. They ask about what you're doing on the weekend a lot

5. They mirror your movements

6. They playfully tease you

Go get your flirt game on.

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