What Makes Up Pamela Tanner From 'Full House'? We Never Met Her, But She's Kind Of A Big Deal — GRAPHIC

For a show that was constantly full of laughs and good family fun, Full House actually had some pretty sad moments. Not only did it tackle issues such as peer pressure and body image, but it also tackled drunk driving. The whole concept for the show is that a car crash leaves a recently widowed father struggling to raise his three daughters as a single parent. Even though the Tanners managed to make the most out of their situation without a mother in the house, the girls often miss her from time to time. While we never got to meet Pamela Tanner on Full House, throughout the series we did learn bits and pieces about her through stories from other characters.

Aside from being Danny's wife, Pam was also his high school sweetheart. The two met in tenth grade, and eventually eloped at a very young age, which upset both of their families. (Jesse even beat Danny up for it.) Not only was she a loving wife to Danny, but she was also a great mother to her kids. She is also said to have passed on various traits to her daughters, such as D.J.'s drive to succeed, and Stephanie's optimistic attitude. Here are some other traits that make up Pam Tanner — at least, what we were able to gather from our tiny glimpse into her life:

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Dawn Foster/Bustle