Periscope Star Amanda Oleander Opens Up About What It's Like To Live Stream Her Life To The Big Wide Internet — VIDEO

Periscope is still a fairly new concept. Basically, if you weren't already hip to the app, Periscope is a live-streaming video platform in which folks can create their own channels. It sounds like a willing voyeurism at first, but apparently it's much more. For starters, Periscope can be a hugely valuable resource if you are interested in bulking up your beauty knowledge and personal skill set. As the app quickly rises in popularity, it brings along its crest a new wave of Internet celebrities. In a new video, Amanda Oleander talks about being Periscope's first star.

I feel like the advent of Periscope highlights a huge personal milestone for me: I'm officially An Old. I've been freely writing about and broadcasting my life on the Internet since 2003—that's 12 years—when I created a LiveJournal with a fitting, Saves The Day-themed title. I had no issue leaping onto other channels as they rolled out, each increasingly more intimate. However, Periscope, on first glance, seems next level.

But then again, I'm An Old and I have problems understanding technology now, I guess. Periscope, according to Oleander's account, has enormous positive potential. She is an early adapter to the still-young app and cracked a way to make Periscope make sense with her LA-based artist lifestyle. Here's some ways Oleander has manipulated the platform in a truly progressive way:

It demystifies the artistic process


By broadcasting herself painting, Oleander is able to offer a little insight to fans without devaluing her work or efforts. It's pretty neat and makes herself more vulnerable, for sure—which I respect.

It grants the ability to promote other folks


Oleander tagged a newcomer on Periscope, thus increasing the newbie's following count by quite a bit. Which leads to another awesome thing possible because of Periscope—

It creates accountability to keep up with your craft


When you develop a solid follower base—like Oleander did—it also develops a crew of people counting on you to keep on keeping on. It eliminates opportunities for distraction when fans are waiting for more work from you. That alone is a great reason for creatives to get involved on Periscope, TBH.

Get a clear scope into Oleander's world of Periscope celebrity below:

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