6 Ways To Celebrate Bastille Day If You're A Francophile Stuck In America

July 14 is , and you definitely don't need to be enjoying cheese and baguettes in France in order to enjoy it! Even if you're a self-proclaimed , there are still plenty of great ways you can celebrate the start of the French Revolution here in the states.

Of course, you'd probably rather be taking in the fireworks display in the City of Lights or watching the traditional Bastille Day Military Parade — I can't blame you. There's probably no better place to celebrate France's version of their Independence Day than in actual France. But, if international travel simply isn't an option for you right now, don't feel like your only other choice is to put on your favorite sweatpants, sit inside, watch Netflix, and feel sorry for yourself.

Whether you want to indulge in macarons, wine, and cheese, kick back and watch a French film, or light off some fireworks of your own, there is no shortage of fun activities that will help you honor le fête nationale right here in America. So, grab your beret, a glass of Merlot, and prepare to — without paying for international airfare!

1. Indulge in French cuisine

You might as well look at Bastille Day as your chance to treat yourself to delicious French sweets like crêpes and macarons. Plus, we all know that calories don't count when you're celebrating anyway.

2. Attend local celebrations

Even though Bastille Day is a French holiday, plenty of U.S. cities host various celebrations and events! Celebrate on 60th Street in New York City or get involved in the weeklong festivities in New Orleans. Do some research to see if any of your local museums — or even restaurants — host anything special for Bastille Day. You might be surprised!

3. Host a wine and cheese tasting

I love any excuse to pair wine and cheese — and Bastille Day fits that bill perfectly. Purchase a variety of French wines and cheeses and have all of your close friends over for a delicious and sophisticated tasting. Oui oui!

4. Watch a French film

If you feel like kicking back on the couch and celebrating in a more low-key way, that's fine too! Pick up some French classic films and honor Bastille Day by relaxing and enjoying French cinema. Gérard Depardieu would be proud.

5. Light off your own fireworks

Just because there might not be any Bastille Day displays near you, doesn't mean you can't light off your own! At the very least, grab some sparklers and have a celebratory show in your own backyard.

6. Learn a few new French words

Now's the perfect time to polish up a few French words and phrases that you can whip out when the time is right. I recommend learning an incredibly important phrase first. You know, something like, "Please pass the wine."

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