Kim Kardashian Teaches Mason Disick How To Selfie & The Results Are Adorable — PHOTOS

Before Kim Kardashian welcomed her daughter, North West, into the world, people were pretty critical about how she would be as a mother. Since then, she's become one of the best celebrity moms ever, and it's obvious that she and North absolutely adore each other. But I'm not surprised, especially since Kim had plenty of training beforehand with one special little guy: Her nephew. In the years before North was born, Kim Kardashian had time to hang out with Mason Disick and learn how to be an awesome mom from Kourtney's example, and it definitely paid off. In fact, she and her very first nephew are still as close as ever, proven by the series of adorable Instagram selfies of Kim and Mason that appeared over the weekend.

After seeing these photos, I've come to the conclusion that having Kim Kardashian as your aunt is probably the coolest thing ever, and not just because she's Kim Kardashian. She actually seems like a fun person to hang out with, and her selfie game is clearly at an all time high. And just from the pictures alone, it's easy to tell that Mason loves his Aunt Kim so much.

But since Kim didn't share captions for the pics, I've decided to create some for her. These selfies are way too adorable not to obsess over.

How They Feel About Ridiculous Rumors

As A-list celebs, Kim and even Mason have to deal with the Hollywood rumor mill working overtime to crank out ridiculous stories about them and their families. This is clearly their "over it" look when it comes to tabloids.

How They Feel About Grandma Kris Jenner

Sometimes, she can't be stopped, so only sticking your tongue out at her will do. Am I right, Mase?

How They Feel About Baby Reign

He's super cute, so he needs kisses. Seriously, have you seen this baby? Mason has a seriously adorable little bro.

How They Feel About Drake Making Fun Of Kanye West

This is the face Drake gets when he makes fun of Kimye's "Bound 2" music video in his latest vid. Drake, can you leave Uncle Kanye alone, please?

How They Feel About Everyone Who's Still Playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

I'm hoping that a Mason character comes in any day now.

How They Feel After Taking One Million Selfies

Selfie exhaustion is a real thing, guys.

And now, it's official: Has there ever been a cuter aunt and nephew duo? Nope, probably not.