How To Be A Cat: An Illustrated Guide

Let's face it: Life would be significantly easier if we were all cats. There would be world peace, free love, and lots of time to nap and do things that are more important than paying bills or picking your little siblings up from school. That's precisely why creative studio Last Lemon has created an illustrated guide to how to be a cat. That's right: With a few quick and handy illustrations, you, to, can learn how to be the perfect house cat. Forget all your aspirations, commitments, or fears you have about death (because you'll have nine lives now!) — instead, find a human that will take care of you, and start living the good life.

This isn't the only adorable project Last Lemon has taken on, by the way; they also have one called The Happy Page, where the team takes user-submitted ideas of what makes people happy and turns them into super cute images. Another similar project called Me Without You asks users to suggest a rhyme about what it would be like for you without your family, friends, or parter by your side (me without you is like an ocean without blue). How to Be a Cat also interacts with its users; if you have an idea for a new feline guideline, submit it on Last Lemon's website. If the team digs it, they'll illustrate it, pop it on Facebook, and stick it on their official website's cat page.

I would argue that, of all their projects, How to Be a Cat is Last Lemon's most informative piece to date. Curious on the logistics? Check out these 10 steps to becoming the best cat you can possible be:

1. Stretch in Every Location You Can

2. Strike a Balance Between Being a Little Needy...

...But Also Totally Independent

3. Insist on Being Petted

4. Be Resourceful

5. Ignore Allergies

6. Never Let Anything Suspicious Hurt You

7. Never Settle for Less Than You Deserve

8. Don't Let Doctors Tell You What To Do

9. Trust. No. One.

10. Be Fabulous, Be Confident, and Always Strut Your Stuff

Check out more ways to be a cat here. I don't know about you, but I've already started.

Images: how2beacat/ Facebook (10)