This Is The Biggest First Date Pet Peeve ...

Although we pretty much rely on our phones to meet people, there's nothing worse than frequently using on your phone on first date. Technology may have made our lives easier a millions times over, but it’s also created barriers around us. Cell phones, especially, have made it that we’re so busy documenting the moment with Instagram or Facebook, instead of actually living in the moment. And, if there’s anyplace where you want to live in the moment, it’s on a first date. Don’t you at least want to know if they’re worth a second date or not?

The dating site where men actually bid for women, WhatsYourPrice, polled 108,000 of their members to see exactly what sort of behavior on a first date will kill someone’s chances of a second date. Two major annoyances for singles are being with someone who photographs their food during dinner and people who just can’t stop checking their phone for messages, or Facebook, or whatever the hell else with which they’re obsessed. Phones equal bad new bears.

According to Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of WhatsYourPrice, “Cell phones are now a natural part of modern relationships. They play an important part in building connections, but are proven to distract from quality face-to-face interactions. The phone may have helped you get the date but it has no place at dinner.”

Basically, put that phone in your bag and just leave it there on a date.

What other behavior is going to seal your fate in not seeing your date ever again? Here are the top pet peeves for both women and men.

6. Excess Drinking

Although having a couple drinks on a first date is a great way to relax, it can totally be a slippery slope. You can go from the fun tipsy version of you to the hot mess crying-over-your-ex version in a matter of 25 minutes. Because this can be the case, 11 percent of men and six percent of women thinking excessive drinking is reason enough not to go on a second date.

Leave the sloppy drunken mess behavior until you’ve been together for a while, you know, when they already love you for all your quirks.

5. Negativity

According the survey by WhatsYourPrice, 14 percent of men and 11 percent of women think negativity on a first date is just the worst. Do you blame them? No one likes a Debbie Downer, especially when first meeting someone, because ugh, really? If you’re going to be cranky pants, then just stay home.

4. Unengaged In The Conversation

The whole point of dating is to get to know someone and, as human beings, we do that by ― wait for it ― conversing!

Although it’s not in the top five of women’s pet peeves on a first date, for men, being unengaged in the conversation is number three on their list, at 16 percent. Being appropriately engaged in the conversation doesn’t mean you have to almost pee yourself with excitement over every topic, but even when the mundane comes up, you should at least pretend to be interested.

3. Rudeness To The Waitstaff

I think everyone can agree that being rude to the waiter or bartender is one of the most offensive things anyone can do, so it’s no wonder that this one falls in the top five list of annoyance for both men and women. For men, it’s higher up on the list, at the number two spot with 21 percent feeling that such behavior will not lead to a second date. For women, it comes in at third place, at 14 percent, thinking it’s just awful.

2. Inappropriate Touching

In the second spot on the top five list for women, is inappropriate touching. For 28 percent of women this will not be getting their suitor a second date, because of course not. If there isn’t consent, then just back the eff off, guys.

1. Cell Phone Use

And drumroll, please…. the most annoying thing you can do on a date that will make sure you don’t get a second one? Using your cell phone! A quarter of men and 30 percent of women will not be giving you a second chance if you don’t put that damn phone away. So put it away already!

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