7 Reasons Shelli Is A Target After Her Head Of Household Reign, Because She Lost All Of Her Chill

If I know one thing about Big Brother from watching this Season 17 with total scrutiny, it is this: You have to be really smart about how you play it when you win Head of Household. Use it to make friends. Use it to wield a little power. Use it for the pictures of home if you really feel like. But don’t use it to canoodle with your new showmance and piss everybody off. That’s my take away from this season. Because when Shelli won Head of Household, she wound up with a huge target on her back. What exactly happened in that room that made her such a sudden threat? Well, a couple of things. And the reasons are more complicated than spooning with the resident hot guy, that’s for sure.

In the time it took Shelli to move into the Head of Household suite and make her nominations for eviction, she had one of the biggest targets on her back of anyone this season — including Audrey. So what exactly did Shelli do wrong as Head of Household? And why did those moves put a huge target on her back? Let’s take a look at exactly where this houseguest went wrong, and why she left the suite with her days totally numbered.

1. She Was Too Open About Her Alliances

That girl could barely get out of bed and out of Clay’s arms any time someone walked into the Head of Household suite. Not only was it obnoxious, it clearly aligned the two of them together, no questions asked. You gotta be a little more discrete about your alliances. If you’re not, the other houseguests will see your growing numbers as a huge threat. Rightfully so.

2. She Told Too Many People About Backdooring Audrey

AND THEN DIDN’T EVEN DO IT! With that plan still lingering in the air, and another whole week for the tables to turn, that could seriously come back to bite her. Especially since Audrey has her own posse of potential support brewing.

3. She Didn’t Follow Through On Becky’s Plan

Instead of getting rid of Audrey like she promised Becky she would do, Shelli got rid of Da’Vonne. Way to burn that bridge, Shelli.

4. She Proved Herself to Be Gullible

Austin convinced her to put Meg up for eviction instead of Liz, and Shelli based her entire decision on his word. Obviously her convictions aren’t that strong, and she is easily manipulated. Not good characteristics for anyone thinking about forming an alliance with her.

5. She Trusts Clay

Seriously? This fact alone is reason enough to question her judgment.

6. She Drew A Line In The Sand

And now everyone in the house knows where they stand. It’s the James/Jason alliance against the Clay/Shelli alliance. The only way to disrupt that dynamic is to get Shelli or Clay out.

7. She Got Cocky

Is it just me or did Shelli’s reign as Head of Household make her so much cockier than she was before? At the beginning of the season, she seemed so sweet and adorable with her funny jokes and pining after Clay. But, after her HoH run, she seemed to switch into a cool girl, flashing her sorority signs and thinking she’s running the show.

Easy there, Shelli. I’d advise you to take a step back and blend in for a while. Standing out in the Big Brother house usually spells disaster, so it would be wise to take a seat now and wait for the dust from your HoH reign to settle.

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