Watch These Teens Use Encyclopedias For The First Time, Plus 6 Other School Things Gen Z Will Never Appreciate — VIDEO

There are a lot of things that Generation Z doesn't understand. I don't mean that as a bad thing — in fact, I have no doubt that in 15 years I'll be working for an awesome Gen Z-er who will surely invent some revolutionary new blogging platform. Teens these days are smart, and have a lot going for their generation, but missed a whole lot of lessons millennials got loud and clear. In this video, we learn exactly how teens react to encyclopedias, and the results are grim. Do you remember the Friends episode where Joey tries to buy all the encyclopedias and only ends up purchasing the V encyclopedia? Gen Z sure doesn't. And let me tell you, they're missing out.

While Gen Z may be the generation that could end smoking, and the generation to make the analog watch completely irrelevant, they’re missing a lot of vital '90s education. Can you imagine an elementary school that was completely filled with smart boards and mac laptops but that didn’t have a line up of encyclopedias in the corner? (I mean, sure, as a millennial, I still heavily ignored the encyclopedias during elementary school, but at least they were THERE.)

Here are 7 school things Generation Z will never appreciate:

1. Encyclopedias

FBE on YouTube

The Fine Brothers kill it per usual. To give you an indication of how this video shakes out, one of the teens sees the encyclopedias and says, "Oh golly!"

2. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye on YouTube

How did Gen Z even learn science without Bill Nye? It must've been heartbreaking to grow up without him.

3. Sneaking your Discman into class

There aren't even any good discman gifs. Doesn't that make you feel... dated?

4. Sitting down with your parents and having them show you the route to school on a map when you learned to drive

I lived about 20 minutes away from my school and my dad sat me down for a solid two hours to explain the best route to take. With a map. That I kept in my car for safety purposes. (That's the safety equivalent of carrying your external charger with you now.)

6. Listening to books on tape at school

The Hound Of The Baskervilles on tape was a CLASSIC by the way.

7. Calling your parents after school from a pay phone because your sister had the shared flip phone that week

RIP pay phones.

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