18 Life Lessons 'Boy Meets World's Topanga Taught You About Embracing Your Inner Weird — PHOTOS

Growing up, there were plenty of great role models for young girls on '90s sitcoms, and one of the best was Topanga Lawrence on Boy Meets World . At that point in time, "quirky" and "adorkable" weren't terms people used, so she was just a unique, relatable, and proudly weird young woman who danced to the beat of her own drum — sometimes literally — and didn't care what other people thought of her.

These days, she's all grown up and a mom to two kids on the spin-off Girl Meets World, teaching a new generation life lessons on how to embrace your inner weird and reminding me that I looked up to the right gal growing up. May 5 marks 15 years since the series finale of Boy Meets World and actress Danielle Fishel's 30th birthday, so it seems like the perfect time to take a walk down memory lane to all the times she showed the world how to be true to yourself. Plus, with all of the familiar faces coming to Girl Meets World this season — from Mr. Feeny to Angela — I'm already in full nostalgia mode, and you should be, too.

So grab your red lipstick (to draw on your face) and crimp your hair, because it's time to live your life like Topanga.

1. Don't Be Afraid To Make The First Move

The element of surprise is key here.

2. Wear Makeup In Unconventional Ways

It will make people fall in love with you.

3. And Continue Doing That, Even In College

Try heart-shaped lipstick drawings to really send a message.

4. Trying Out New Hairstyles Is Fun

Even if everyone doesn't think so. (Cough, Cory Matthews, cough.)

5. Even If You Cover It Up With A Cap

Sometimes you have to break the rules.

6. But Hair Isn't That Important

Cut if off in the hallway of your high school!

7. And Neither Is Having The "Perfect" Body

Everyone else is weird if they don't love pizza.

8. Don't Form Your Opinions Based On Everyone Else's

Live life on your own terms, whether it's about fashion, sex, or food.

9. Make Weird Plans For The Future

You'll probably change the world one day.

10. Fight People Who Don't Give You What You Deserve

Bonus points for awesome insults.

11. Embrace Your True Identity

Sometimes the name you're born with should be replaced with a loud scream.

12. Let Life Get Messy Sometimes

It's all worth it in the end, clearly.

13. Be As Unfiltered As You Want

Messy isn't always good.

14. Flip Stereotypes On Their Heads

For the big things, especially.

15. Show Your Strength In Unconventional Ways

Sweep your boyfriend or girlfriend off his or her feet.

16. Figure Out Love On Your Own Terms

Good energy is important.

17. Solve Problems Your Own Way

In sickness and in health.

18. And Most Of All, Never Stop Being Yourself

The people you love the most will never make you change.

Images: ABC; boymeetsworldgifs/Tumblr (18)