Are You Slowly Turning Into 'PLL's Spencer?

If you spend enough time with someone, you might start taking on some of their personality traits. So, after spending 125 episodes (and counting) with Pretty Little Liars' Spencer Hastings, it might be easy to see that you're slowly turning into her. The signs might not be obvious at first, but they're there — just wait and see. One day you'll wake up with your hair neatly braided to one side, you'll throw on your favorite beige cardigan, and then your mom will bother you about horseback riding lessons/academic team practice/college decision. And then it's only a matter of time before you start delivering some of Spencer's signature burns on your unsuspecting friends.

If you — or someone you know and love — might be experiencing these lifestyle changes, don't worry. This isn't a bad thing. Wouldn't you love to be Spencer? Let's be honest, you'd have killer smarts and a ridiculously quick wit. You'd also find yourself in an amazing relationship with a pretty great guy who's willing to not only put himself in harms way for you, but risk his life on occasion, too. Plus, just think about all of the great outfits that'd miraculously turn up in your wardrobe. How could you NOT want to slowly morph into Spencer Hastings? I'm thinking about trying to overhaul myself right now.

But, if you need help identifying this phenomenon, here are 26 simple signs that you're turning into Pretty Little Liars' Spencer Hastings.

1. You find yourself with a cardigan to match every outfit.

2. You've also got a few (or a dozen) pairs of riding boots.

3. You don't wear them riding.

4. But, you could wear them riding, seeing as how you've just taken up horseback riding lessons.

5. You'll try anything just to get it on your college admissions application.

6. Oh, wait, correction, you'll do anything your mom tells you to do so you can put it on your application.

7. You find yourself rolling your eyes a lot more.

8. You also find yourself correcting others for tiny little mistakes.

9. You become great with sassy one-liners.

10. Suddenly, you're able to rattle off literary passages as if it's NBD.

11. Your boyfriend has washboard abs — and became a cop in, like, three days.

12. There's a bag on the kitchen counter that doesn't belong to you? Might as well go through it!

13. You've used a field hockey stick as a weapon before (Note: don't try this one at home.)

14. You see nothing wrong with hooking up with your sister's fiance.

15. You see nothing wrong with hooking up with your sister's ex fiance.

16. You see nothing wrong with hooking up with your sister's ex-fiance's now-fiance's roommate. In London.

17. College plans stress you out.

18. There are parts of your life you suddenly can't remember.

19. You love your sister, but you don't really trust your sister.

20. Start developing a fondness for literary heroines.

21. You start having odd dreams that you're starring in a film noir, for example.

22. Some obscure hobby is mentioned, and you say, "Oh yeah, I used to do that as a kid."

23. One word: headbands.

24. You start looking down, but then glance up, and semi-whisper something to someone in a lower voice.

25. Ask a million questions.

26. Ask a million questions that you already know the answer to, just want to get a general consensus from the group.

Have any or all of these things started happening to you? Congratulations! You're now Spencer Hastings.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC; Giphy (5)