8 'Pretty Little Liars' Quotes About Fashion, Because It's One Thing Aria, Emily, Hanna, And Spencer Never Lie About

All Pretty Little Liars fans love — or, at the very least, appreciate — Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer, but most of us have a special place in our heart for one Liar in particular, usually because we can relate to them on a higher level than the others. Whether we're academic perfectionists, athletes, artists, or fashionistas with under-appreciated intelligence, there's a Liar on the show who we just know would become our BFF if we ever moved to Rosewood — which really isn't that bad. And, naturally, while we covet many of the clothes they wear — because Pretty Little Liars ' fashion is the best, we each have our eye on a particular Liar's wardrobe that we'd love to raid. Personally I'd choose Hanna's closet, although Emily's would be a close second.

One of the Pretty Little Liars ' many unsolved mysteries, which has become a running joke among superfans, is how the Liars & Co. manage to pull together flawless outfits — complete with perfect hair and makeup — no matter how many crises they happen to be juggling. My strong suspicion on this one is the wonders of being a teenager on TV — word is their clothing allowances are way higher than ours were in high school. But, since they have no motive to lie about fashion (at least none that I'm aware of...), we may as well take some pointers from Rosewood's finest liars with these 8 quotes about fashion. Because style is one thing we can trust their judgement on.

1. Hanna On The True Power Of Shoes

If there's one thing Pretty Little Liars has taught me, it's that people are seldom what they seem. At this point, using people's shoes as hints seems as solid a method as any.

2. Spencer On The Importance Of The Essentials

Solid, practical advice from Spencer — I would expect nothing less.

3. Ashley On Appropriate Funeral Attire

The Liars have attended so many funerals (usually for people who end up being very much alive) that it's possible Hanna ran out of little black dresses and wanted to avoid a repeat. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt on this one.

4. Aria On Planning Ahead Before Making Major Style Changes

Many of us have been there with the impulsive haircut or dye job that seemed like such a good idea at the moment, then turned out to be, you know, not so great.

5. Hanna On The Importance Of A Good Sale

Buying new clothes is always satisfying, but it's even better when those sale racks justify our impulse buys.

6. Ella On Strange Accessories

Being a fashion risk-taker can pay off. If you frequently get told that you can pull off outfits and accessories that most people would be afraid to wear, you're probably the Aria of your friend group (at least when it comes to fashion).

7. Ali On Conquering The World

There's no wrong time to throw a good Marilyn Monroe quote into your conversation — especially when it pertains to footwear.

8. Spencer On Inner Beauty

Fashion and shopping are fun hobbies, but if you don't have a good heart, no amount of perfect clothes and make-up will be able to make you beautiful.

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