Shawn B.'s Family Thinks 'Bachelorette' Kaitlyn Is Perfect For Him, But Does She Agree?

Even though it seems like just yesterday the men of The Bachelorette were trying to pick between Britt and Kaitlyn, we're officially down to the wire. Kaitlyn's about to choose whether she wants to spend her life with Shawn or Nick, but first? She has to meet their families. Obviously, Kaitlyn's connection is super intense with Shawn, so she was under a lot of pressure to meet his fam for the first time — something basically everyone can relate to. The good news? Shawn's family absolutely loved Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn got to sit down and talk to Shawn's sisters, one-on-one, and their conversations were really honest. Kaitlyn admitted that she's worried about the long distance thing and the regular stuff that comes up in a relationship, but she feels like everything she's seen from Shawn has been really genuine and she's liked everything she's seen. Um, duh — from my couch at home I could look at Shawn and tell you I like everything I see. Preach, girlfriend.

And as for Shawn's sisters? They were instantly won over, and they made sure to tell their bro that they're totally pro Kait. "I think you guys are very yin and yang," one of his sisters told him. "I think you have two personalities that really compliment each other. I think that works because I think you can bring out the good in her."

Even Shawn's dad, who started out super skeptical of the whole Bachelorette thing (as any normal dad would be), supported him in following his heart and seemed to really like her.

In the end, when Shawn admitted that he's 100 percent in love with her, it evoked a surprisingly emotional response from Kaitlyn, which could be read a ton of ways — maybe she's doubting their relationship now? Maybe she's just overcome with emotion? We'll find out soon, but I'm dying to know what she's thinking. There's one thing for sure, though: Shawn's family is #TeamKaitlyn. And if she ends up being their new daughter in law, I see a lot of celebrating in their future.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC