Did Kaitlyn & Shawn B. Have Sex In The Fantasy Suite? They Spent Their 'Bachelorette' Date Talking About Nick

The time has come, my friends: Fantasy Suite dates on The Bachelorette. Kaitlyn's getting closer and closer to making her final selection, and now that she's down to just three guys, it definitely doesn't seem to be getting any easier. Last up on the overnight date roster? Shawn, who Kaitlyn has had a deep connection with since day one, so this one has got to be good. And don't worry — it totally was. Now that Shawn’s Bachelorette Fantasy Suite date with Kaitlyn is over, two things have become glaringly obvious: Shawn is bad at golfing, and he doesn't look half bad naked. Oh, and one more thing: Shawn's beef with Nick could totally end up sabotaging him.

Their date started out super fun — a gorgeous day golfing in Ireland, truth or dare, drinks, and a little streaking included. Seems like a great day, right? Pretty much. Until it came time for a little dinner and conversation, and slowly, the night turned into a heated talk about everything that's been going on with Nick and Shawn. After the famous "eskimo brothers" conversation Kaitlyn had with Shawn, she needed answers, and Shawn once again got wrapped up in the competition between him and Nick.

Shawn's argument? That Nick's not "100 percent here" for Kaitlyn, and he's didn't seem willing at all to budge on how he feels about him.

"At the end of the day me and him are two totally different guys," he said. "And if we don't end up together then we weren't meant to be."

They basically came to an impasse, and their only solution? To finish this talk up during their night without cameras. When Shawn exited the building in the morning, it wasn't clear whether they had sex or not, but it didn't seem like the date ended up on the most awesome of notes. Not like it should have been, anyway.

If Shawn's not careful, his obsession with "the other guy" is going to drive Kaitlyn away, and that would suck, because their connection really is sweet to watch — when it's working.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC