There's A Lot Wrong With Minaj's New Ad

Look, we know photoshop is a common thing. We know it's not going anywhere. But sometimes we still feel the need to point it out, you know? For the world. Because sometimes, as with Nicki Minaj's new "Beats By Dre" Ad Campaign, it just strikes us as... well, kind of mean to Nicki Minaj's nose. Not to mention her skin tone.

Don't get us wrong, she looks fabulous in a lot of ways here. She looks like a fierce warrior drag queen (we mean that in the most complimentary way) who could tear you down if you look at her wrong. She looks like she's ready to earn that "I.AM.QUEEN." tagline she's rocking at the bottom of the ad.

And sure, the nose thing may just be that aforementioned drag contouring style — but we kinda think some photoshop was involved. Because society. This also goes for her skin tone here, which is often light-skinned anyway but, as proven by Beyoncé, is often photoshopped even lighter.

Or maybe it's just the price of her new Beats By Dre "I.AM.QUEEN" headphones that are draining the blood from her face. We may never know.

Image: Beats By Dre