7 Times Japan Was That One Weird BFF You Couldn't Possibly Live Without — VIDEO

Japan is an endlessly cool, technological and fashion wonderland. And Japanese food? Don't even get me started. Japan is the weirdest, best country in the world, TBH, and this Distractify video on weird things from Japan is here to prove it.

I wanna say my introduction to Japan's strange stylings was candy. For example, there's Bust Up Gum, a chewy sweet claiming to save women breast augmentation surgery. Then there are the much more saccharine instances involving cartoonish poop presentations (not to mention the actual poop burger...no) and matcha green tea Kit Kat bars.

It's strange, because in a way, I feel like Japan and Florida are in similar boats. As soon as some wild news of a fresh trend surfaces, folks figure it's attributed to Japan or Florida. Except unlike Florida, people don't immediately hate on the Japanese trend or news event. It's almost regarded as if some lovable, goofball cousin at a family reunion were responsible for whatever and therefore, it's totally chill. Like, "Oh man. SO typical of crazy Cousin Japan! Always perpetuating game shows in which the goal is to hold off in climaxing during a combination hand job and karaoke competition! Haha! Hey, where did all the ice-cream cake go?" Japan is for sure the weird BFF country we could never live without. Here's evidence for this with specific examples:

That time they reminded us to lose the dumpling head, we need only gum


Unsure if this implies it's the boob-growing kind, but maybe it's more of a choose-your-own-adventure kind of situation? Refreshing! And certainly more comfortable for the celiacs among us, I'd imagine.

That time gum expedited evolution of monkeys into rockers


I'm noticing a gum theme here and I super don't hate it.

That time lighters were...scandalous villain types?


IDK. IDK at all. See if you do with the full breakdown below:

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