I Used Only Donald Trump Quotes On Tinder, And Here's What Happened

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Tinder can be a very weird place, so why not test the limits of its weirdness? For a few days, I used only Donald Trump quotes on the dating app to see how the opposite sex would respond (and if they even noticed). Of course, Trump is notorious for saying dumb and incredibly offensive things, and now that he's actually running for president, everything Trump says is being scrutinized more than normal. I figured: Why not use his quotes on the unsuspecting public and see what they think?

I was a little worried about sending strangers the overtly racist Trump-isms, but I figured that, like Trump, I had to go all in. I used my regular Tinder account so my Trump victims wouldn't see it coming, even though my bio says I'm a writer (it also says I'm from the south, FYI, so that's why a few responses mention that).

Hoping to get a lot of matches to test out the Trump quotes on, I started swiping right on everyone, and quickly realized that if you're a human woman with a pulse, you will match with at least 75 percent of men on Tinder. Needless to say, I got way more matches than I knew what to do with.

Nothing Trump says can be construed as sexy at all, so using his quotes on a dating app was pretty tricky. Don't believe me?

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