What Are Teledildonics, Anyway?

Long distance relationships can really suck, — but with the advent of the Internet, connecting with partners who aren't in the same time zone as you has been made easier than ever before. Some of the tools that probably come to mind to do this are Skype, Facetime, and even good old fashioned email, but teledidonics makes sex more fun and easy than any of these other methods. If you've ever tried to have sex on video chat, you probably have found that it can be very enjoyable, but also kind of awkward. I've had my fair share of long distance lovers and really wished there was a more hands-on way we could connect sexually from a distance (and I do mean literally) other than our spotty WiFi connections and out-of-focus video chat — and now teledidonics are doing just that.

First things first: What are teledildonics? According to Cleo Stiller of Fusion, they're basically sex toys that can be controlled from the Internet — that is, they can be controlled from anywhere by sending data back and forther between a device and a controller. That means that you can control a sex toy your partner is using and vice versa, thus creating a long-distance version of the kind of physical intimacy that has hitherto only existed when all partners are in the same location. A good example of this would be a vibrator you're using that your significant other is controlling on their smartphone on the other side of the globe.

Stiller explored the history and application of teledidonics in her latest video for Fusion, and it's well worth a watch. Scroll down to see the whole thing — and in the meantime, check out three interesting facts from it that you probably didn't know about this cool technology:

1. Teledildonics Became Available During the '90s

Teledidonics may seem like a new technology, but they have been in existence commercially in various forms since the 1990s. As Stiller notes, there was a lot of fear and activism around HIV/AIDS during this period of history. Teledidonics allowed people to experiment with sex in a safe and healthy way, without fear of contracting an STI.

2. Teledidonics Are Used to Take Porn to the Next Level

Many porn websites are making the experience of consuming porn more realistic for the viewers by incorperating teledidonic tools: Users can control the depth, sensations, and use of the sex toys that some cam models employ. Natalie Star, creator of, hires webcam models that "perform" for customers while using sex toys that are controlled by the customer themselves (who can also get it on the pleasure). It eliminates the third wall between the model and the user — or at least makes it a little more transparent.

3. Teledidonics Heavily Favor Men

One major crtique of the teledidonics industry is that the technology heavily favors men. One of the early adopters Stiller interviewed said that "women don't want to have their sex toys connected to the Internet"; however, this assumption seems to leave a gender gap in the technology being developed. So, women are once again getting the short end of the stick in sex.

If you want to learn more about what teledidonic toys are out there that you could you use, check out the full video below:

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